Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random #3

Just one sentence, I can be drag from sky to hell. It's that powerful. Why must I let my emotions be controlled? Sometimes I wonder if, putting down the strong side is a correct option.

I was just hoping you to tell me what is wrong. You wouldn't know how much I cannot concentrate, how hard I was trying to tell myself its okay, how difficult it had been for me to distract myself.

Finally, the wish comes true and why am I not happy? Maybe its not exactly the wish I made.

Maybe, I should not have expectations and believe in myself in the very start.

And O.M.G... The report is stressing me out! Tables--->Graphs. All the word limits, all the description, summary, conclusion... Someone please save me from all these crap before CNY starts!

Seriously, why do we Pharmacy student need to suffer like this when other people have the time to play around during HOLIDAYS. Yes, a freaking MICROBIOLOGY REPORT during HOLIDAYS!

I wish I could be a baby again, wrapped in my grandmother and parents' arm. There would be so little thing to worry about, so little things to stress you out when you do not know what is stress and worry. You wouldn't love, except your toys which will never ever break your heart. That is why, I still love soft toys. They would not hug you back when you hug them, but at least, they mend your broken heart and will never ever leave you. They are all you have and always there for you when you need someone. Especially on such a night. XOXO, my babies~

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