Monday, January 31, 2011

One and Only

Honestly, I do not know what is wrong with me.

I've been reacting totally differently from how I actually felt. Or is it that I am reacting in a way that I really felt and the feelings I thought I had was just something I forced myself to accept?

Its been months and I thought I can get used to it but every time, I disappoint myself.

I guess what I really need is more moments like this, if I want to fight the distance and stay strong in loneliness. I need to shield my mind from all the negative imaginations.

I was able to cope with loneliness, stay in silence, bury myself in my own love, but not now anymore.

Yes, I do not like to be alone now, and I hate to be left alone but yet, I need to stay strong because in the end, I am still with myself only. In the end, I am still alone handling this miserable life.

No, I am wrong actually, I still have my lovely parents who sometimes will stress my life out but still, they are my best present in life~ They are all I have at this moment, this very stressful moment. Thank you my one and only.

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