Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Resolution

Seriously, am I fated to go through all this shit? Why they cannot be aware of the time and most importantly, the bloody timing?

Why should I care when you don't even care? I wanted to believe so much, but please don't let me down over and over again. I am trying my best to do something about it and why must you ruin the effort? Or is my effort too negligible? If so, I am sorry. That is the only thing I can say. Sorry.

Maybe its just once, just one time the stone hits the glass, but it is enough to shatter the glass which was just mended. Why mend the glass when you want to break it again?

Right, I really should not bother anymore. FML. Oh well, new year resolution: Accept the fact that you must accept. Things ain't perfect. Human ain't perfect. Life ain't perfect. No point chasing for perfection even if you can achieve near perfection.

OK, chill, temper thrown. Let's study happily~! I love you, books! I love you, blog!

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