Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010!

First post of 2011... Review of 2010.

A lot of things actually happened in 2010, its not a year with no downfalls and no peaks.

I had been through a lot of struggling in January and February. Mentally breakdown in March when I thought its the end of the world. Crying through the night, telling myself not to get involved in relationship anymore. Misunderstandings break me down once again, running away to bff's house, knowing I have a bunch of friends supporting me behind me make me stronger.

Getting over it, knowing someone whom I once thought might melt the ice-cold heart again. Perhaps, a good friend and a good bf is different. Things gone cold and there is another intruder to my life. The owl flying into my life walks me through all these; Mr. Great promising me to put the smile on my face everyday. Taking up the VP pose of PharmNotts is another best choice I had made in 2010. Yea, tiring, pressured, stressful, but I enjoy it, seriously.

When someone important come into your life, maybe you need to sacrifice something, having a bunch of close friends leaving me, lost and not knowing who to get along with towards the end of semester. This hits me down once again but this made me realize how much I should cherish my friends who are always with me no matter what I have done, no matter how long I did not meet them.

Then, a hero officially come into my life, holding my hands to pull me up from the falls, healing my pain and giving me faith. It is hard to believe that all these happened in just 2 months, but yes, there is really something that will strike your heart and melt the ice covering your heart with just a touch. It might not be love at first sight but its a kind of fate that you cannot run away from.

June passes fast with a trip to Taiwan, outings with friends and dates with my love. July-- A memorable month of 2010. The first time celebrating birthday with bi, having him plan out everything, giving me Cupido and Cupipi, planning a surprise with my mum and sis and joining me to celebrate birthday with my whole family. Not much present received, but having everyone I love with me is the best present I ever received. Also, knew a lot of new friends through baby, learning the fact that there is really friends who are as close as brothers, sometimes closer. Maybe I will be jealous, but still, happy to see it.

August, spending the whole month working in Cerebos, dealing with microorganisms and coming back with chicken and chicken essence smell. Though boring and lifeless, still enjoyable when you get to do something you like. First time going on trip, even though its just a one day trip with friend, especially boyfriend to Malacca. One of the most memorable experience in the year.

Going on a vacation with my beloved darling Nichelle to Penang. Having her joining my family is the best damn thing in September. Eat, travel and camwhoring is best with her around. Start of a new semester, I am now officially year 2 student. Stressful life when you need to take care of studies, PharmNotts and love. Yea, there is a time when I really cannot get use to it, especially getting to see baby everyday and having less time to study. But really, thankfully, my baby is him, someone who is considerate and patient with all the unreasonable temper that I threw to him, all the tiny problems that I exaggerated and made them look so much worse than it should be.

There is one thing that I must not forget and leave out. My HOUSEMATES! I am totally in love with everyone in 89, TTS4. They are a bunch of awesome friends whom really brightened up my Y2S1 life. I never once wanted to stay back over the weekends because I really enjoy the life with them around, their laughter especially. I really cant stand to remember that I only have 3 more months to spend in the house with them. Gonna miss them so much.

I guess this year is the year that I cooked the most in my 19 years life because there is a pig who is willing to eat the food I cooked. I wonder if he ever knows that preparing any meal for him is a very blissful thing to do, no matter how stressed up I was with my studies. Also, no one appreciated it that much.

Really, I just realized, most of the memories that make my 2010 so happy involved him. Having him joining my relatives during mooncake fest is one of the best thing ever. Because this is the first time I introduce my boyfriend to my relatives, something that I never expect and never thought that my boy is willing and happy to do. Having my parents accepting my relationship, supporting it is also a blessing that I never expected.

Towards the end of the year, I received one of my best Christmas present and 2 unexpected presents which touched my heart. On the last day of 2010, I received 2 wonderful presents which put a beautiful full stop to this year.

Thank you everyone whom made my year a wonderful one. Though it started with sorrow, it ended perfectly. Thank you parents for everything that you have done. Thank you to my sis whom always listen to my complaints. Thank you baby Shaun Lim to walk into my life and make my 2010 a beautiful year, I might seems biased here, but without you, my 2010 ain't perfect and will not be this memorable. Thank you Shien for every piece of advice, without you, I will not be able to move forward. Thank you all my darlings and brothers esp Nich, Lynn, Jye, Jvn Yi, Louis, Chee Yuen for everything you have done. I cannot be naming everyone here since it will take me days to do so, SO THANK YOU! Thank you for being in my life and please continue to be in my life no matter what year it is, my life is great with your presence. It is not complete without you. *big hugz*


  1. darling! i am glad your 2010 was a wonderful one! hope your 2011 2012 2013 etc etc will be better one after another!! i am hoping to see u engaged in 2015 maybe haha then 2017 get married??? then 2019 get pregnant with your first baby!!! HAHAHAHA ok la dunno why i crapping here.

    u happy, i happy.

    love u loaddddddsssss!! <3

    see u soon =)

  2. Haha! Darling! I am only like 24 in 2015 and 26 in 2017~ =p Maybe 2019~ You get married first!

    Love you a lot too! Waiting for you to bring me to travel in Vietnam! <3