Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Week as A Teacher




It's tiring and exhaustive 'cos I hafta mark tonnes of activity books and exes. I also need to keep the class quiet and get their attention which is SUPER DIFFICULT. They can never be quiet for more than 5 minutes and they can't sit still. They must move around, talk, argue and even fight. Things got better when I started to use cane and threatening them.

It's FUN 'cos those students are really cute. They always volunteer to help to carry books though sometimes it may be really annoying when they came out in groups of 10 or more. They also love to report everything that a student does in class to the teacher, from pupils who talk to those who did not do homework and from those who scolded other students to those playing in the class. The sentence to make them return to their places is 'OK, I get it, I will scold them.'. They will never stop if I say 'Just ignore them.'. Haha.

One day, when I went into a better class, students start gathering around my table and ask me questions.

Students(S):How old are you???
Me: You guess.
S: 20?
Me: No.
S: 40 a???
Me: I AM NOT THAT OLD!!! I am only 18. T.T

S: Are you from China???
Me: What makes you think so??
S: You speak like ppl from China.
Me: ...

S: Do you know a guy name XXX from class 2J?
Me: Yes.
S: You scolded him today?
Me: Yes, basically, I scold him everyday.
S: Do you know? He is my BF.
Me: WAT?! ( Thought she wanna scold me and I WAS SHOCKED. They are only Std 2 le...)
S: Yea, I don't love him anymore, although he still love me very much. He is annoying.
Me: I did not even know what is BF when I was at your age.
S: But many girls in our class have BF d o. Like this, this and this... (Started pointing names on my name list.)
Me: I am 'impressed'.

My Table, clean right??? All the books are on the floor. =P

My Timetable. Wed, Thurs and Fri is TIRING!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Identity: TEACHER

I am going to start teaching tomorrow...

Nervous wei...

I will be teaching in my primary school.

I was supposed to start working on 13th of July, which is after my birthday(applicants must be 18 and above. I am tooooo young =P) but a few teachers have to leave earlier for thier further studies. So, i need to substitute them for a week until they manage to find other teachers (I am not counted as a teacher yet, I guess?) .

And, the most shocking news is, I am going to teach BM!!!! Gosh... I seriously don't like BM due to my stupid SPM results. 3B for BM. T.T But luckily, I will be teaching Std 1 and 2. =P I LOVE KIDS.^^

However, when I start working officially on 13th, I may be teaching Std 5 Mandarin. It may not be too tough, but I did not even know their syllabus... Guess I need to go to the book store to look for some reference book and get myself prepared. Imagining an A-Levels student looking back at Std 5 textbook... Hmmm...

Just hope that those students will not make fun of me in the next half year and I hope I can control them...

So, will not be dealing with any Further Maths or Chemistry in the next half year, but loads of BC workbook to mark. Will there be any exam papers for me too??? I wonder... =P

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was driving around a housing area when I saw this. Luckily the traffic light just turned red. =P


Found her another half...

Happy family!!

The shape of these clouds reminds me of Tinkerbell. =P

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plans for the coming 6 months.

OMG OMG OMG!!! I finally finished my one and a half yr A-Levels course!!!

I am sooooooo happy now, no more suffering and stressing out. (for half a year only la, but still its a vyvyvy long holiday right?)

I guess I am so gonna miss all my friends. Most of them are not stayin here after A-Levels, all going to the UK, Singapore and Australia. Guys to Singapore for engineering and girls to the UK for actuarial science and those econs-related courses. They will require Further Maths for their course, but I am going for Pharmacy which do not need Further Maths. So means, I take Further Maths just for the sake of taking and trying out... Nvm la, I love FM so still, its FUN!!!

Now, I will need to plan how to fully utilize my looooooong holidays. What can I do???

1. Slack at home.

2. Learn how to cook. I can't be cooking maggi and making sandwich only lo... So, gonna force my parents to teach me how to cook. At least my dad agreed and gave me full support. Hope I won't mess up the whole kitchen, I won't let dear's curse comes true. =P

3. Read manga.

4. Hmmm... Perhaps, watch dramas? I had only watched a few dramas since last year, made me feel so outdated...

5. Working??? Becoming a tutor and piano teacher will be a very good option but I am very lazy and I need a car!!!

6. Becoming cousins' tutor--- A MUST!!! Been promising them since last year...

7. I wanna go swimming everyday!!! My membership is going to expire soon, so hafta use their facility to the max. But too bad, mom will say:" I am busy." T.T

8. Study??? Pick up some Bio stuffs so that I will not need to be so stressed after starting the course. Can't change my kiasu character...

9. Making decisions. Which Uni shud I go??? IMU or Monash? IMU will be 2+2 or 2.5+1, Monash will be 4 yrs in M'sia. Hmmm... Headache la...

10. Go out with friends. Must spend some time with them before they leave. Must meet up with ex-CHSians, Miss them soooooo much. Did not see Lynn and Chiamy for mths d la. So, no matter how, must force them out.

11. Gonna plan how to celebrate my b'day, though there is still a month b4 my b'day. Haha. Asked Yee to stay over my hse durin my b'day week so that we can celebrate. I want a special birthday this year!!!

There are so many things to do wei... But now, I am VERY BORED!!! SIEN... I want to go out with friends and dear!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009