Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random #2

The smell of new paint in my house. Weee~ Repainting the house to welcome the new year~! Though only the living hall, my study room and another small living hall upstairs. Kinda like the new colour that I had chosen, thought it was supposed to be coastal beige as in those beach's sand colour but turn out to be a little purplish. Anyway, still special~ ^^

Exam is really stressing me out anyway... Study this lecture today, forget about it the next day. Had been repeating this cycle for many lectures and total input to my brain is only 50% of what I studied. Damn cool. Microbio and Spectroscopy is still waiting for me to touch them. Microbiology is a killer! If I suddenly die one day, Microbiology murders me. *touching the wood*

I am having this problem. I CANNOT FOCUS AT ALL! OMG, its like I finally can concentrate, then... Where am I again? FML. Anyway, hopefully I can make it through this exam, not stressing too much. Daddy says: I still want my daughter. *touched*

Oh well, another thing to stress before this. House in UK. Thanks to my baby, I finally asked someone to look for a house for me! And finally msged some1 to ask is they wanna share. =p I do not know why but I just do not have the courage to send out those messages and mails. Kay, I know why, but please don't ask me why because you all should know if you read my post last year. All those dramas and anti-social thingy. Oops.

Really, who and how will I be if I did not meet you 9 months ago? What if I did not attend the event and be a nerd at home? What if what if what if... Okay, no more what if! I met you and I found you. That is what I know. Not only that, I also know that I Love You. It may not be an anniversary, not a monthsary (whatever you guys like to call it), but its an important date since its a day you walk into my life and it had been 9 months. *phewww, time flies*

P/S: I miss 89 housemates, college friends and CHS friends. Esp after meeting up with Shien, talking to Khee, FB with Joyce, planning gathering with Jye, talking about old days with Peng n Vern, sharing links on FB with housemates. OMG. I miss them! Exam please over soon, I want G.A.T.H.E.R.I.N.G

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