Sunday, April 25, 2010

EX's Gathering

This is definitely an EX's gathering, meaning? When 2 pairs of ex couples meet up. LOL. Story begins when Florrie msged me, asking me to go to a talk organised by her church ie City Harvest Church in Sunway. I was considering about it 'cos the topic was interesting, about relationship, difference between men and women. And, realised that Kok Choon, Florrie's ex KC is going to attend too. I realised 'cos:
Florrie: "What will happen if you meet Mun Hon (aka my EX) again?".
Me: "Err, I dunno? But I am really curious to know. Why?"
Florrie: "I am asking KC to go and he intended to bring Mun Hon."
Me: " That is sooooo interesting."
So, in the end, I went, after rushing my reports. (Finally...)

Me and Florrie, that Siao Zha Bo went to cut her hair til damn short... Nice though, maybe I should try? NO.... Face to round. LOL.

Basically, I feel that MH did not really exist as I did not actually wanna look at him? Haha. No la, just very weird. I can only proudly announced that, "I PUT HIM DOWN ALREADY!" Not feeling sad, not feeling like crying though I thought I would. In fact, was smiling all the while. ^^

But, A bit disappointed with *ahem*... Next time, please at least show some respect for other's religion. You can be not singing with them, not listening to their prayers, but please, do nothing esp playing with HP!!! Even some1 told me, "He is still the same huh?". YES! Same! So no hope d~ LOL.

Anyway, the talk... Interesting~ ^^ The speaker ie Pasteur Pat (I think so...) started off with difference between men and women. I can't really remember exactly the content though. Only remember him saying
"Women do not expect men to do exactly like what you are doing because, they do not have a brain~"
No offense guys... Just trying to say that men do not think as much as women do. ^^
Also, girls tends to control her bf or husband. *Kok Choon looking at me and give me an evil grin...*. Did the Pasteur say do not manipulate a guy? I do not remember but I think yea... LOL.

And there are basically 4 things that a women must remember when dealing with a guy.

1. Say your request for more than ONE time:
Guys when they listen to something you said, it goes into, for example their right brain and "Oh, Okay." But their left brain will respond. "Did you hear anything? Nothing." Continue with DOTA. LOL. So, repeat~

2. Watch your mouth.
Do not actually scold them or insult them, you will not be able to encourage or motivate them.

3. Appreciate the dumbest thing he ever did.
He gave this example:
One day, he went to wash his dishes and realised that the dishwasher was full with cleaned plates. So, he is in a dilemma... Finally, he took out everything and put in his dishes. His wife responded by saying, "Oh, you *something (fill in the blanks, I can't remember~)* monkey~".
4. Do not keep him guessing? (I think so?)
It's really something very common. For instance, venue for dinner:
Guy: "Where do you want to go for dinner?"
Girl: "Awww, anything~" *Please choose Japanese food*
Guy: "Okay, let's go to have some western food."
Girl: "..."
There goes a quarrel~
GIRLS! Please tell them what exactly you want, your birthday present, choice of dinner, what do you want from him etc. Because, guys are like CHIMPANZEE~ They seldom guess correctly! ^^

That's basically what I remembered but listening to this talk with my EX just make this talk amazing. LOL.

Off topic:
I went to Memory Lane and Parkson to check for my dear Cupido couple's price. AGAIN. OMG, it went up to RM109.90 each! How long do I need to wait before I can actually own them??? T.T I had been waiting for half a yr!!! MUM... DAD... I WANT!!! Y.Y (I feels like a little girl...)

And speaking about soft toy, can any1 tell me what this toy of mine is? ^^Tomato? Apple? And that cute little girl is my coussie~ Looks like me? ^^ (Definitely not praising myself that I am cute. I am not that SS, yet...)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


There goes my MPHARM 1... It had already been more than 6 months since I first step into UNMC, it is really fast.
I was super stress in the first semester due to Microbiology. Things got better with the help from my friends, especially that gang... I am really happy and blessed to know them, and yea, I love them.

Winnie Ting, Shu Kuan, Suyi, Michelle, Kah Men, Jazline, Jasmine, Siew Nee, Jill, Yen San and Kah Ern... We USED TO be very close. Some used to have lunch with me, some used to walk me and fetch me back to my hostel, some used to go Genting with me, some cried with me when I am down, some will crap with me when they on9, some gather around to sing and dance when one of us left, some will have ice cream together in front of 7-11 after party...

But I don't know since when all these changed... Since when I do not hear them singing, hear them planning stuffs, hear them crapping? It just feels empty... Just like you are deaf, you can only see them moving around, gathering, but you do not know what is going on...

Yea, maybe I might not be liked for my attitude, my character. I might be too serious or busy, I might not go any outings or any dinner, but... Why can we be so close last sem, and not this sem?

Perhaps, the recent event had created some misunderstandings, or I was being too harsh when I am under stress... But, I did apologize, and I know it was not totally my fault. Everyone had their own mistake. Maybe the biggest mistake is to believe in someone who has the potential to be a back-stabber.

I can make a new friend very quickly, but I am not good in keeping my friends. But, I really hope to keep all of you as my lifetime friends... Maybe we might not be that close, but... Please do not ignore me, it really hurts... It hurts to see a friend who was close to you or who you really wanna be friend with just walk away like this, without leaving a word. If I am really not meant to be your friend, I want to know why. Can?

Sometimes, I am really jealous of that family in our class, they are so close that everyone just stick together all the time. N yea, I am really lucky for being able to join them towards the end of the Sem 2 and got a new grandma, mummy and Jie Jie. I love them a lot too, for you will never feel stress when you are with them, its always full of laughter. They are ready to listen, esp my Kelly jie jie. I just hope that no matter how long we cannot meet, we can be closer once we met. ^^
And now, its the end of Yr 1... Things went back to the original point where I still feel so lost...

Friends always come and go, but sometimes, they will stay if you are worth it. I hope I can be the 1 who is worth them keeping in the heart.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweetness during Audrey's Party~

Sweet sweet couples spotted during Audrey's Birthday party~ Finally cousins are bringing back their another half, not only seeing their sweet photos on FB anymore, not just listening to their stories. I felt warm though it reminded me of many regrets and plans that can never be carried out or made me feel that I was supposed to be one of them with my ex. Anyway, I am just happy! Hope they can be sweet all the way~

My New BF~

Ka Eng and Harn Jiat~

Audrey and Melissa

Cherrie and Chun Ye

Serine and Michael~ Finally together lo~ I heart this pic!!!

The real 3 pairs of couples~ So sweet lo... I jealous o~~~

Not really la, I am not ready for a relationship yet, and I am tired to start a relationship now. Relationship-phobia. Haha. I am looking for a bf who can really understands me and be the 1 I rely on, not the 1 relying or me, all in all, stronger n tougher than me. Although I had actually met 1, that's a mission impossible so... Just stop thinking about relationship~ Feel the sweetness from the couples around me, getting hug from my friends, love from family and that is more than enough~ So, 你们都要幸福哦!

Farewell Party 2010

The end of the farewell party~ Had been preparing for months and time just passed by real fast. I still remember the day when Mr. Pres asked me to attend the EXCO meeting and passed me this event. Forming an organizing committee, having meetings, discussions, rehearsal, and some misunderstandings, until now, the end of the party.

Many unexpected events came up that night, especially the rain... It was a very nice weather when the party started and just out of the sudden, it started raining heavily, gotta move a lot of stuffs eg. food and tables... Thanks to all the organizing committees, Yr 1 and 2 who helped in clearing all the mess. Otherwise the party will not return to normal in less than 45 mins. So, its really worth treating you guys in JJ's after the party! Love you guys!!!

And, really sorry for those who received some scoldings from me when I am under tension. No hard feelings k? ^^

OK, share some photos of the part of the organizing committee now~
Opening speech~ I was super nervous... T.T

Emcees of the night~
DJ of the night~

The one who helped me a lot. Thx Kelly!!!
The Wonder Girls of PharmNotts~


Kuan kuan (1st from left), my treasurer and my all-time best friend~

Elin, Jocelyn n Vivian, the Decoration n Games crew~ ^^

All the year 1s who attended the drinking session in JJ's after party!

Beer @ JJ's ^^

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A day when Sophia has 40 hours to spend!

11/4/10 & 12/4/10

8 - 9am: Wake up, slack, day dreaming

9-11 am: Report, slacking, day dreaming
11am -2 pm: Breakfast, shopping @ Sunway Pyramid

2-3 pm: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (ie Las Vegas)

3-4 pm: Bath until skin peels off~
4-6 pm: Pack pack pack pack and pack... Print reports

6-7 pm: Travel from Subang to Semenyih

7-7.30 pm: Wasting time in 52... No1 tell us that we need to wait for 11 tables of dishes, which will be more than 1 hr of waiting...
7.30-7.45 pm: Give up on dinner in 52, put stuffs in room

7.45-8.50 pm: Wasting time waiting for dinner to be served in Jia Xiang Restaurant @ Broga... Forced to delay the games tryout from 8 to 8.30 then to 8.45 pm... I am such an irresponsible organizer, sorry guys...

8.50-10.40 pm: Games tryout~ Looking forward to the Farewell Partay~ Games! Punishments! Food! Performances!
10.40 - 11.20 pm: Chatting and watching stars with Chee Yuen gor @ in front of admin building. Then go find Mr. Great to give him ONE muffin...

11.20 pm - 3.00 am: Just busy~ Chat chat chat and chat... Til gor oso sleep d. Haha.

3.00-4.00 am: Early breakfast or late supper with that SS owl in some mamak stall... Had Roti Telur plus Neslo~ Totally awake!!! SS owl: " We shall see who sleeps 1st~"
4.00 am-6.00 am: Chat chat chat and chat and suddenly... "... N i feel like watching sun rise now, cos I am not sleepy at all.". A call from owl: "Are you serious about going up Broga Hill?"-> "YES!" -> "Ok, get ready and fetch you at 6.30 am."

6.00- 6.30 am: Change change change n change... LOL.

6.30-7.00 am: We climb, we crawl, we slipped, we chat, we SS on the Sophia's SS-ing stone
(like duh... ^^).

7.00 -7.45 am: Peak!!! SS, camwhore, sun rise, chatting~

7.45 am- 8.30 am: Moving down... Scared and cautious... But... Clumsy me... Slipped and fell... Made Mr. Great fell and hurt his hand. SRY!!!!

8.30 -10 am: Breakfast! and chat... Haha.

10am - 10.30am: Talked to dad. Luckily din scold. Haha. Ohya, I did not tell my parents bout me going to hike... Haha. Told them after reaching peak and coming down. LOL. Dad was like: "Hahahaha. Laugh la... Be careful la... LOL. Hahaha." OK, so not angry la. Muacks~

10.30 am - 11 am: Bath! Refreshing!

11am - now: BLOGGING! Upload photos on FB! ^^

So... To be continue~

p/s: Need to make up a bit d. My eye bag, panda eyes are not suitable to be presented to the person I am goin to meet later. I HATE TO MAKE UP!!! N... you are mad, I am mad, but I am in a good mood today cos I am going to not sleep for 40 hrs so I need a good mood to stay awake~ ^^

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sometimes, I wonder why people loves flowers. (I love flowers too, esp champagne colour roses, I dunno why, I just do not like red roses...) Flowers may look nice, smells nice when it blossoms. But sometimes people tend to forget about taking care of them and they wilt, and became nothing. Even when you handle them with care, they will die off, perhaps due to the hot weather, too much water etc. Most people might just throw it away, maybe some will dry them and store as dry flower. Their life spans are so short that you can only enjoy the view and pleasant smell they brought to you for a short while.

It feels just like love. When love started to grow, you will not know how fast it can be. Sometimes, it took years, sometimes, just a few days. When love blossoms, it is sweet and you feel like you have everything. You will get used to the sweetness, got tired of it and eventually, forgot about handling your love with care. Sometimes, your another half loves you too much, until you suffocate and there goes the love.

Just like dry flowers, love which had died off may be stored as a memory which can be took out once in a while to refresh your memories. You will sometimes regret for letting it slip off your hands so easily, but there is nothing you can do to revive it. It had gone...

Sometimes, love just seems worthless for people. They can just throw it away, remembering that they had loved before, and that's it. Life goes on with another new partner. For them, new other half is a better thing as they can try out more.

Perhaps, I am not a good gardener, I do not know how to take care of flowers. I just hope I can have a evergreen tree. When the leaves shed off, it will be replaced by new ones. Its just like when some of the love for me die off, it will be replaced by more love. There will always be leaves on the tree, just like what I am hoping for, always loving me, no matter what happened and what challenges we had.

Problem is, it is an ideal situation which will not happen in real life. I think?

Sometimes, love became habit. But... What's wrong with habit? Loving some1 became a routine, caring for some1 became a habit, talking to some1 everyday became a basic necessity, I do not see any disadvantages. Perhaps, not interesting anymore?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Love, Sex, Virginity

OOOOO, sensitive issue~ =P

Had been exposed with a lot of all these experiences recently. There are a lot of struggle between these 3 things. She loves him, he loves her but at the same time he wants sex too, and the first thing that may come into her mind - her virginity? Sometimes I really wonder, how important is virginity, for a girl of course, guys seldom care, I guess? LOL. No offense anyway... ^^

Some may feel that virginity is not an important issue anymore, come on, it's 21st century now, you are not living in those years when girls depend on guys to survive. Girls can live on themselves, being a playgirl and at the same time, excel in anything and everything. Also, since girls need to accept the fact that their boyfriend had sex with their ex, why can't guys accept that they are no longer a virgin? But, when it comes to parents, not all are so open minded. I had some friends whose parents are really open minded when they do not even mind getting a grandchild now... LOL.

I did get some answers to the question from some guys. For them, when a girl is still a virgin, they tends to cherish and treasure them more. They will feel that, "Awww, my girl is still a virgin, so I must not take advantages on her." Basically, this is also because they have a big responsibility to bear. They do not know how will girls feel after virginity is lost. Some girls might feel just normal and like "Who cares, its just virginity, not that I am pregnant~"; Some might feel guilty, feel bad for many reasons, like family or future boyfriend or husband. Some girls might even start to exert pressure on them, hoping that they will take up the responsibility to take care of them, especially for those girls who just want to get married not thinking about their future. The last 2 are some of the risks that guys will not have the courage to take, especially for those who are mentally not prepared and immature.

If there are some guys who do not even bother about this, sweet talks come into play. Perhaps something like, "I will be with you forever", "I will do everything you want for you", "I want to make you mine", "I want both of us to have a really good moment before we have less time for each other" etc. Some might even force the girl, "I will break up with you if you don't want it", "You do not love me", bla bla bla... All these craps can be really useful esp when the girl is so in love, the ultimate weak point of girls. (But actually, not only guys can do so, girls too... LOL)

If the girl is no more a virgin, then guys will have less worries. They will tend to take things for granted, thinking, "Since she is no more a virgin, I can have sex with her anytime, no responsibility needed (as long as its safe sex), 'cos I am not the one who took her virginity away." Not only guys, girls will think that way too, when they do not need to worry about their virginity anymore. Its really contradicting sometimes...

Then, if the girl rejected the guy, he will feel that the girl does not love him as much, "Why you can have sex with your ex boyfriend, but not me?" kind of thinking will come out again. Should the girl give in to this statement? They lose their virginity, so there is nothing much to bother right? But, what if they are those kind who will feel guilty? Or those who will ask the guy to bear the responsibility, even though he is not the one who took her virginity? LOL.

Things like this never have an answer, really, just depends on how much a guy loves a girl. If he really loves her, he will never care about her past, even if he does, it will not affect his love for the girl. Also, he will respect whatever answer the girl gives, no matter how much he wants it. Okay, may be sometimes guys cannot stand it, but what can you do, she is someone you love, I bet you will never want to hurt her, right? Unless you can be really sure that you will not leave her, and she is 100% confirm your future wife, also you will do everything she wants from you. But, there is no 100% confirmation unless you will be getting married with her the next second. LOL.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

They are finally official BGF!

OMG, I am so happy!!! He finally did it! After months, perhaps years of waiting and non-stop effort, she finally accepted him! Btw, I am talking about a pair of new couple around me~ ^^

He had fallen for her when they met in University. He began to care for her, getting closer to her and his greatest effort? Went to her house almost once every 2 weeks, until her parents, sisters, relatives etc knew him so well. Basically, they treated him like her bf d, every event, every party, every celebration, he will be invited. Then, his parents love this girl a lot also, they are willing to send him to her house when he is not driving, they can call her up to invite her to their family dinner, they do not mind repairing his car, not for him, but just want him to get her asap. They treat her even better than their son. LOL.

Just, the girl might still think a lot, and perhaps there are some parts of the guy which the girl could not accept. Even though everyone was hoping that the girl accept him asap, she still hesitate. (If I were the girl, I would have accepted him LONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG ago...)

Finally, this guy asked again, ask if she can be his gf. The girl needs time to consider. After some time, he asked again, he told her that she still owe him a reply. So not romantic... Haha. Anyway, the 3rd time, finally!!!!! They are together now!~ I am so happy for them la! I think basically her family, her friends, his friends, his family also feel happy for them~

So, Mr, treat her nicely k? I really hope what you said can be done. Must take care of her, even though she is not your wife yet, but I dun care! Must love her, you used such a long time before manage to hold her hands, must hold her tight, please do not let her go easily! Blessings from me~ ^^


I had this friend, whom really surprises me when he is willing to spend some time, giving little surprises for his girlfriend. When it was her birthday, he will ask me to help him choose flowers and cake, giving her a surprise at 12 am. He will also appear suddenly, really, when she least expected him to, just to give her a hug, telling her he miss her. These little surprises really do spice up their lives, strengthening their bonds. No matter how much quarrel they had, they are still as sweet. I really hope this guy will treasure her, for she really loves him. She can really sacrifice a lot for him, and care A LOT for him, everything she did when he was sick really made it clear that she loves him a lot. He/She should know that I am referring to them, i guess? ^^

Actually he reminded me of my ex. My ex once gave me a surprise when he suddenly appeared in SP when I was waiting for my friends for our gathering. Another time was silently putting a necklace in my bag as my bday present. This memory just pop out of my mind suddenly~ I can't permanently delete those memories, can I? All these serve as an experience of life, also lessons that I will remember for the rest of life. If memories were to be deleted, meaning half of the one year when I was with him will be empty. So, even if memories are sad, it is still worth keeping it in your mind, at least you know, you had been through it and you are all over it now.

Just one thing, cherish what you have now, appreciate them and do not take them for granted. Everyone's presence in your life has their own purpose. They make you smile, make you cry, make you feel warm, make you feel loved and most importantly, let you learn a lot. Little surprises may cost you some time, but they are worth it if they are for your love ones and the one who loves you, right? They bring a smile on your face, put one on theirs too~ ^^