Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am super happy!!! I had been secreting lots of adrenaline on Friday and I had a sleepless night that day. Finally, most of my closest friends in Form 4 and 5 can gather together.

Before the gathering, I went to CHS to meet flor and her bf. (Since Flor can only reach at 9.30am, dear went to CHS to company me. I am touched but Pity him for sleeping much lesser.) Then we waited there so that we can meet Khee during recess. In the meantime, Flor and her bf were complaining that the weather is so darn hot and they were sweating madly. I wonder why I did not sweat that much and I did not really feel hot. Back to main topic, we went to Khee's class during recess and started chatting. We were insulting See Khee and kept on relate her with 'some1'. She became kinda mad and said that she might not go to the gathering. I tried to persuade her and she said that she will reconsider. (T.T All I can do was just sms her non stop to persuade her. I even asked Flor to help.)

After her recess, me, Flor and her bf walked to the bus stop along Federal Highway. Actually, we were supposed to go to Sunway Pyramid by bus but Flor was just too lazy to walk under the hot sun. So, we went to a nearer bus stop and take taxi.(Cost me 3 bucks, luckilly... But bus will only cost me max RM1. Whatever, why am I complaining?) We called Joyce when we reached there since she was the one who asked us to meet her there as early as possible. We were so speechless when we realised that she was still sleeping. So, we had to shop around and I played the role of a light bulb. (Err, actually, Flor kinda neglected her bf as she was talking to me. =P). Then, we went to meet dear in Mr. Teppanyaki since he was having lunch with CH. We chat and watched Mr. Bean's Holiday there. (SWTZ!!!)

Finally, Jye called and told us that he and Nga had already reached. So, we went to Asian Avenue to meet them and I suggested that we just wait for the rest in MFM. We ordered some starters since we were kinda hungry. Then, Joyce called 'cos she could not find a car park. (^^") I called Khee to ask for her decision. She told me that she has not decided and she was still in school. (WTH?????) After a while, she called again and ask where is the gathering. She sounds excited and so, I suspected something is going on. In just 1 min time, I saw her coming down from the escalator... She had already planned to give me a 'surprise' and of course, Flor is the accomplice. Anyway, I am very happy because Khee finally attended our gathering (according to her, she could not find any excuse to reject 'cos I planned everything based on her suggestions and opinions).

Although only 7 person on the gathering (8 including Flor's bf, Hean), we can still chat from 1 til around 5 pm. I can only say that that short period of time is really not enough. We have too many things to talk about, studies, bf/gfs stuffs, recalling the moments we had in CHS etc.

My best pals during high school. Basically, we gossiped everyday. And yes, we were noisy and we are still noisy now. (Btw, Joyce is so pretty and thin now!! =P) Did you realise that all of us are wearing the same colour? We did not plan it. Its pure coincidence.

I really felt that I had gone back to Form 5 when we started to insult each other, talked crap and shared secrets. The feeling is just too great!!! Of course, the guys ie Dek Ric, Jye and Nga were not really shuang when the girls were talking about secrets that we had been sharing for years. I am so sorry guys, but its girl's talk. =p Then, we took a lot of pictures but actually, most of the time, the girls are running all around taking pictures with the guys. I really pity Hean 'cos he did not join us when we took group photo, instead, he became the photographer.

1st row (from left): Dek Ric, Louis Nga, Sophia, See Khee

2nd row (from left): Yinn Jye, Joyce, Florrie

Fyi, we had our gathering in Manhattan Fish Market and its really expensive. 8 of us spent RM236 there and everyone was complaining. I felt a little guilty 'cos I chose that venue but since there were no objections when I asked them, so I am not blaming myself too much. =P However, the food there is quite nice, not to say super nice though, but its really huge. I shared a seafood platter with Nga and Jye, but we could not finish it. That is why Dek Ric was blaming us for ordering that before he reached. I am sorry Dek Ric, but we were just to hungry. =P

Shocked when we see this...

My calculations...

We continued our chatting session in McD since its not really nice to stay in that restaurant for too long and the guys wanted to eat ice-cream. While they were busy chatting, me and Nga were busy calculating the amount of money that each of us need to pay. I can only say that we were super efficient since we can sort out everything in a short while. (Just ss-ing, its super easy to calculate it... ^^")

Then, they compared me and Nga for our efficiency in organizing a gathering. They were complaining that Nga is inefficient 'cos he has been arranging a badminton game, another form of gathering since last year and nothing is carried out. =P Just hope that he can find a time for that soon. I really want to see how Jye play badminton since Joyce described his skills as, err... Don't know how to describe. =P

When they were about to leave, they asked Hon to come out from ice rink 'cos they wanna see him (?!) since they had not seen him for a long time. (swtz...) However, when he reached, Dek Ric had to leave and every1 just left with him since there are some sort of complicated connections between them. =P Felt so sorry for dear and Khee kept on asking me to say sorry to dear.

After they left, i accompanied Khee for a short while until she chased me away and asked me to go find Hon. She said that she wanted to shop for something and that 'something' turned out to be my b'day present. OMG, its like 3 months before my b'day but still I am super touched 'cos she still remembers my b'day!!! Thank you Khee!!!

So, I went to meet dear and just shopped around Sunway Pyramid. But, No details for our date. =P Its just super sweet and according to dear, its our best date ever (totally agree, even though we did nothing much...) Btw, my dad was supposed to fetch me from pyramid at 9 and he has the habit of fetching me later than the time he told me. However, he was early that day!!! (WTH?!) Its like 2 months or 50+ days to be more exact before I can see dear again. Hmmm, nevermind, time flies, 2 months will pass very quickly. (But hope that I have enough time to revise.)

Thank you dear, for giving me a very sweet 4-5 hrs date!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday, please walk faster, will you?

OMG OMG, I am sooooooo excited these few days. I can finally meet my CHS gang!!! I planned a gathering and everyone that I 'invited' are free!!! This is such a miracle... =P

Even though this is only a small gathering which will only be attended by 8 person including me, I still feel super happy because it had been 2 years since we last sit around and chat. So, Friday, can you please come faster??? I am getting impatient... =P

Another reason for me being so excited is I can finally meet dear this Friday too. I had not seen him for 2 weeks(or more?). Though it may be a little tiring for going out from 8 am to (maybe) 9pm, I know I will enjoy my Friday to the max.

Hope that everything will go smoothly this Friday and of course, hope that I can manage to solve my problem. Wish me luck!!!

After the outing on Friday, I can also go Redbox with Vern and gang on Saturday. I had not joined them for karaoke for months I guess and I really miss the mic. There are so many new and nice songs recently, so I will definitely enjoy the 3 hours in Redbox. Hehe... =P

Increase the Internal Energy?

Khee reminded me about something important that I tried to forget today...

We had a chat and she asked me how is life, of course she will not miss the important question (guess yourself =P). I started telling her those important things and all my feelings. She gave me an unexpected reply:

I can tell that you are really unhappy. You have all those negative feelings and thoughts whenever I asked you about that.

Yea, she got the point. I tried to forget how much I tried to tolerate and adapt to the totally opposite lifestyle. When I thought that I will give up, something will just happen right in time to prevent me from giving up. When I finally found something that can keep me going, some other problem rises. It is like a cycle and it will never stop unless someone stops it. Most of my 'internal energy' had been lost through all these repeated processes where W 0. I may also be selfish, thinking that no work is done on the system when there is work being done. Furthermore, some of the work done did not bring about happiness but suffering to the system.


1st Law of Thermodynamics:

∆u= Q+W

So, lets continue to supply some heat energy to or do some work on this system.(Please do not penalize me for bad physics, if this law is not applicable here. =P)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ten Sentences



If there are 1000 steps between us,


You will only need to take the first step and


I will take the remaining 999 steps to reach you.

~It is easy to say that, but how many people are willing to do that?~




Normally the one who is willing to stay behind and quarrel with you,


is the one who really loves you.




付出真心 才会得到真心

You will need to love someone whole-heartedly before having someone to love you the same way.


However, you may be deeply hurt in the process.

保持距离 就能保护自己

You can protect yourself by keeping a distance,


but you are predestined to be lonely forever.

~Totally agree. I used to be the latter and now trying to love someone whole-heartedly, will it work?~



有时候 不是对方不在乎你

Sometimes, it may not be that your another half does not care about you,


it is only because they are too important to you.

~Maybe, but don't they feel that you are important too?~



朋友就是把你看透了 还能喜欢你的人

Friends are people who can see through you but still like you.




就算是believe 中间也藏了一个lie

There is a 'lie' within 'believe'.

~Yup, that's why don't ever believe too much in what others say, no matter who they are.~  




Real best friends


are not a group of people who have unlimited topics when they are together,

而是在一起 就算不说话 也不会感到尴尬

instead, they are a group of people who will not feel embarrassed even if they do not have any topics to share when they are together.





There is no 100% partner


but only two 50% person.



为你的难过而快乐的 是敌人

Your rival: The person who is happy when you are sad.

为你的快乐而快乐的 是朋友

Your friend: Someone who is happy when you are happy.

为你的难过而难过的 就是那些 该放进心里的人

People that should be kept in heart: Someone who is sad when you are down.

~I am lucky, I've already found many people whom I should keep in my heart.~




冷漠 有时候并不是无情

Sometimes, being emotionless does not mean hard-hearted,


it may just be a way to avoid yourself from being hurt.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Drey!




who just turns 17 today!!!

May all your wishes come true!!!

Btw, this is the present that I gave her...

A set of tarot cards with a guidebook... =P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Just Mocks... T.T

I still can’t stop blaming myself for screwing up my mocks. Why was I panic??? Though it’s just Mocks and it’s not important since I had already got my forecast results, still every exam is very important to me.

I seriously feel very stress when I know that others are better than me and yes, this is pure kiasu. Maybe this is the main reason that make me panic, another reason is because I feel that I had not prepared enough and kept on thinking negatively that I will screw my exam. Plus, parents have high expectations in my results and this really put me under great pressure.
Nichelle just reminded me a thing that Mr. Goh told us before:

“Life follows the sine graph, once u are at the top at a certain period, u will deteriorate.”

I guess I am at the lowest point of the graph now and I need to work real hard to get back to the highest point. I also need to put a capacitance and a full wave rectifier to make the graph smoother to make sure that I won’t drop to the minimum point and maintain at a certain level.

What I need to do now is study more and practice more, must read through everything for at least 3 times. I guess it’s possible??? =P

Anyway, I just wanna thank my friends especially my darling, Nichelle and dear for listening to me. I know I am kinda stubborn for not listening to what you all told me over and over. I hope I really learned my lesson this time.

P/S: Vern, do not complain that my blog is all about studies again o. ‘Cos my life is really revolving around books. Haha.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Gosh, I screwed my MOCKS!!!

Mechanics M1:

I could not believe that I put mgcosθ instead of mgsinθ and this mistake made me lose 10 MARKS!!!

Pure Maths 3:

Mr Lee: “Sophia, you did badly in your P3. You are too panic and not steady enough. You did so many careless mistakes! (saw Fah Keen) Ah, He is steady.”

Okay, I know that I am careless and I am just too panic. Can you imagine having a maths lecturer standing beside you for like 5 minutes, looking at your working? If he came once, then it’s still okay, but he came for 3 times. Haiz... My luck is just too bad. Anyway, it’s still my own problem for being so careless. I can do most of the P3 questions but still mistakes here and there due to my CARELESSNESS!!!!!!!!!!

Further Maths 1:

I skipped many questions ie left the whole question BLANK!!!! So basically, this paper has no hope.

Further Maths 2:

Again, I skipped some questions, left the whole question 9 blank. Then, Vern n Jet told me that the question is super easy, it’s like free marks. WTH?! Am I the only one who left it blank????!!!! OMG!!!


Paper 4:

I skipped the very 1st question and planned to go back and do after I finished the whole paper. But, I forgot to do that and I actually know the answer!!!

Paper 5:

The experiment question is a tricky question. I managed to put 10g of solvent but I carelessly put 0.32g of solute instead of 3.2g. How can I make such a mistake when I am supposed to get it right???


Paper 4:

No comments. Basically, I just crap everything and I don’t even dare to check the marking scheme that he gave until now.

Paper 5:

The ultrasound thingy... Everything that I wrote is pure crap and I think it may give Kingsley a laugh or maybe make him throw my paper away. The 2nd question looks correct but looking at my performances of the other papers, I have no confidence at all.