Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It had been a long time since I updated my blog. =P I was actually kinda busy, esp these few days. i started teaching again!!!

If I ever say that teaching that 2 Std 2 classes was a nightmare, I was totally wrong...

I know what is call nightmare after teaching this Std 5 class. Gosh... I am even their form teacher. I hafta teach errr.... 6 subjects: BC, Moral, Mathematics (both English n Chinese), Civic, KH and Kajian Tempatan. T.T

When I got into the class, it was a total mess... Every1 was walking all around, talking and playing (typical primary school students though...). They totally ignored me as if I was not present. T.T After I managed to make them settle down (for less than 10 minutes I think...), I realized that their actual form teacher left me a lot of work. She did not collect their exercise books and workbook back to mark for like 2 weeks, and she gave them a lot of hw which she has not discussed.

So, I tried my best to discuss all the exercises with them these few days and I had not finished while their exam is next week. GREAT... After all those discussions, they hand in all their books and let me check, another heavy work load for me.

Then, this crap came. This morning, a teacher ( Sorry, dunno her name. =P) came to me, telling me that the teacher asked her to bring back some exercise books. I was kinda happy 'cos the students finally got back their diary(hw) and do not need to write on separate piece of paper anymore. I was so bloody shocked when I scan through the pile of books. WTH??? She did not even mark!!! I was cursing, cursing and cursing... Gosh... How can some1 be so damn irresponsible?! She should at least spped up and complete half of her work if she knows that she is going to give birth. What if you are pregnant? It's your job kay??? She can even get her pay for doing nothing. UNFAIR la, my pay is so damn low wei... T.T

Then, my students came complaining to me that she has not even gave them any examples on the types of essay that are coming out in exam. FINE!!! I am forced to give them 4 essays this week, meaning they will go haywire and curse me all the week. This also means that I need to mark 4 x 41 essays this week!!!!!!!!!!!! 164 essays!!! This is nothing if their writings are okay, but theirs are typical CAKAR AYAM... T.T I followed the teacher's way of giving them those important points, which is just like note expansion. SWTZ... Then, I hafta read out the sample essay, TWICE for them to copy down. I was like, what is the pt of giving those points? K, nvm. I just finished marking their 1st essay with me, and guess what, I GOT A SERIOUS HEADACHE. How can they make sooooooooo many mistakes wehn 80% of the essays were written down on the white board and 100% of the essay was read out TWICE.

And now, I still have 41 moral workbooks, 41 chinese workbook, 41 maths exe books and 41 diaries to mark!!! I AM SO GONNA GO CRAZY soon, real soon... 'Cos, there are more to come tmr... T.T

But since something came up to9, I will stop marking now and give my brain, eyes and hand a rest. Seriously worn out... Can't even play piano now, not to say tired, I am not even in the mood now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

18th Birthday!!!

Victor asked me: "What is so happy bout being 18???". I was like, right, why am I getting so excited for being 18-year-old.

Perhaps cos I am legally an adult? Or I can finally watch any movies that I want? Ok, that's crap and its LAME. I just don't know why. But can't ppl be happy without reason??? =P I only know that my birthday for this year is definitely not an ordinary one.

Lets see...

8th of JULY
Me, Yee Eng, Jia Yong, Han-Vern, Pek Peng, Fah Keen, Kevin
Yee Eng and Jia Yong

Han-Vern and Pek Peng

Me and Kevin

Me and Keen

When I was searching for songs, the song 'Tonight' suddenly sounds like a birthday song. I was shocked when I saw the waiter bringing in a birthday cake. Then, I saw Jia Yong coming in. He was not supposed to be there since he told me he had work, which he really had. But he rushed there and managed to reach there on time. Hehe.

The cake was a Marshmallow Cheese Cake which they got from ZEN. Yeng purposely bought it 'cos she knows that I love marshmallow. Hehe.

Anyway, really THANKS them for giving me a surprise, I am really very very happy!!! =P

9th of JULY
Me, Lynn, Chiam

Its not really a celebration though, just a gathering, a really small one, for 3 of us. Hehe. Topics that we talked about basically revolves around some1, not me though. However, its P&C. So nothing much to talk about here. =P

Ohya, Lynn got me a bday present le. Hehe. Chiamy paid for the lunch and that will be the present for both me n lynn. TQ Chiamy n Lynn!!

Present from Lynn and a hand-made bday card, I get it every year. I LOVE YOU Lynn!!!

10th of JULY
11-5: Me, Hon, Drey (you may say: "WHY 3 ppl???" My answer: Dunno.)
5-9: Me, Parents, Katherine, Drey
Me and Audrey waiting for shuttle bus

The day started badly but ended sweetly. Will not talk much bout why its started badly, just every1 involved made some mistakes. Since it can be solved in the end, i will just forget about it. =P We did not do anything much that day, just walked around and went for a movie, ICE AGE 3.
Me and Dear. 1st time celebrating birthday as couple. =P

Mango Delight

Chocolate Indulgence

When my parents reached, we went to Tony Roma's for dinner. The food was quite nice and kinda large. 5 of us shared 4 main course and still could not manage to finish everything. =PMe and Katherine

Drey bought me a necklace and a ring. Love the ring though its kinda loose. Haha.
Dear bought me a long sleeve top from Romp.
He gave me a surprise too. Dear messaged me when I was having dinner, asking me to check my bag. I was really shocked when I saw the necklace and the hp strapper in my bag. Shocked for 2 reasons. 1stly, I really dunno that he bought that. 2nd reason is a secret. Haha. He bought it when he left me and drey to shop alone and put it in my bag when he said that he wanna see what is in my bag. =P THANK YOU DEAR~

The words on it is soooo touching... T.T Hope its true. =P

Finally, Thank You to every1 who wishes me thru msgs, facebook, messenger and blog. Feel really warm and sweeeeeet~ *hugs*

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Why must people make choices???

Why are there so may decisions to make???

I thought I had already made up my mind that I will go to IMU and do not consider bout Nottingham anymore but I can't.

Overall, Nottingham is still better...

But now, financial is a problem but parents are a bigger problem.

Me myself is another problem.

Gosh, why must there be so many challenges for us???

Ya, I know its a miracle but do we need so many tests???