Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sometimes, I really wonder... Is it worth it for you to do so much for something or someone? It is okay if they do not appreciate, but why must they take it for granted and even bite you back, hurting you as a payback.

Some people demand a lot from others while they cannot offer others anything. Sometimes things they do are just like a piece of worthless shyt and you will need to fix the situation for them. It hurts more when they look like the god from heaven and you look like the devil from hell in others eyes.

I hate such people.
People always pursuit for something better in life and hence tends to change the things or people around you to meet the standard you set.

Actually, we do know that doing this make ourselves suffer, making our lives miserable but we just can't control. Things come so naturally that we seldom realize what we are doing until someone tell us.

But then, are we actually wrong? It may be suffering right now, but it will turn out great in the future. Just that people do not want to look at the future, for it is still a long way ahead. Some just cannot accept changes, because they are perfectly okay with their life now and they do not want to suffer.

Perhaps, living your own life, doing anything you like to your own life is enough. But... Caring for others, doing anything you can for others is something really happy, even if you suffer a lot in the process.

I feel contented in my own way knowing that I actually did something for someone, even if it does not turn out as what I expected. At least... I DID SOMETHING and I can answer to myself.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Things in this world is just complicated especially feelings. There are times when you do not know what feelings or emotions you should be having.

When you are feeling so overjoyed, you try to ignore the sadness, frustration, depression, insecurities and worries because they seems to be negligible, also because you tends to choose the positive thinking.

When problems strikes, no matter how minor it seems, it will bring out the negative feelings deeply buried inside you. All the negative thoughts, all those worst case scenario and ignored problems will just flood out before you realize. If at this moment, something happy happened, what should you feel?

Its like on a roller coaster when you went up so high, then suddenly rushing down the slope and go up again. There are many people in this world who cannot take this ride because their heart cannot stand it. And yes, many people cannot deal with sudden mood swing and all the mixed feelings.

There are also sometimes when you know you are feeling this way but you are forcing yourself not to because you are told that you should not. Sometimes also because your feelings are not only affecting yourself only, but also some other people or the relationship between each other. Its like, no matter being selfish or not, you will get yourself hurt in the end. So, what should we feel?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Congrats~ ^^


The words were like a cup of coffee or Livita or Red Bull... Instantly woke me up and turn off my sleepy mode.

That was the first thing she told me in that morning when she saw me.
My reaction: Stunned --> Blank --> OMG --> HAPPY!

'Cos I was like joking around with her last week saying that she might be pregnant since she kept on thinking about food, having a greater urge for food she loves. It was like OMG, what I said came true and most importantly... This is the 1st time some1 told me herself that she is pregnant~! It may sound real weird or I might be the only hyper 1, but seriously, none of my cousins are married, I mean not in Malaysia and I do not have siblings! Feels so excited though I am not really close with her. Still, congrats!!! =p Ohya, SHE is my colleague. ^^

Talking about babies, makes me think about marriage, and hence thought about Wedding! OMG, I am super crazy over wedding gowns! Don't you think that wedding gowns are super duper nice? It's like the nicest dress on the world. Really feel like wearing one and have a photo-shooting session. There is no rule stating that one must be getting married when she wears a wedding gown right? Perhaps, I should get my cousin or friend to go take photos with me. ^^
N, I just wanna wear a wedding gown, not want to get married. =p

You know wat, Vera Wang is simply AWESOME~!

Random Fact: There is a bridal shop in SS2 call SOPHIA.

K, drag too far~ Haha! =p

Saturday, August 7, 2010

They come and go... And sometimes, they stay permanently...

Do you ever wonder why some people just stop talking to you or even ignore your existence? Sometimes, they feel that you are just talking to the air around them, that's why it "look" like you are facing them.

I dare say, I am lucky enough to have all these happening on me more this year. Isn't it interesting? Being able to have all these experiences, going through all those sad and disappointing moments in life.

It especially hurt most when others asked you about it. No no, that's not the worst part. The worst part is: YOU DO NOT KNOW THE REASON YOU ARE BEING IGNORED.

Only at this moment, you will know that you do not understand them at all. You will even start doubting yourself, IS IT A CRIME TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE? or IS IT A CRIME TO HELP AND CARE FOR THEM? IS IT A CRIME TO DO MY BEST IN MY JOB? I guess it really is.

Luckily at this moment, I remember some one telling me: " As long as you know that you did the right thing, as long as you can answer yourself, you are not wrong." Yes... I am not wrong, I just, do not have the luck. Let's blame it to my destiny and the only thing I can do is, SMILE AND CONTINUE MY LIFE, not letting anyone interrupt it. Accept the fact that people come and go in your life, those who meant to and destined to stay, will be with you forever, no matter how far you are apart, they will still be in your life. Some people who are close to you or around you for a very long time might not even be those that will be in your life forever.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


OMG! @ 1

My gum are bleeding more than usual recently, I think after I went to the dentist. ><><

OMG! @ 2

I had been to Genting for 3 times this month. ><><>< I am melting! Perhaps, I shall move to Genting one day. =p But seriously, if Sunway Pyramid is my home, Genting is my 3rd home d.

OMG! @ 3

Gonna start working tomorrow! Kinda like internship, for one month~ ^^ So... No salary, only allowance! And the allowance, I wonder if it is enough for my dad's petrol plus food. Anyway, hope everything will go on smoothly and I can learn something. But, no matter what, it is still better than rotting at home. 7.25 am to 5.10 pm... Why so early??????? Need to sleep a lot earlier d~ Good thing, set back my biological clock which is already a bit upside down. ^^ Gambate~!!!!!!

OMG! @ 4

I am so clueless about where to travel during September. Wanted to go Sepang Gold Coast so so so so much but its so frigging expensive! RM 599 nett per night per person. Even though everything is included, its still scary to spend RM 1800 in a day! Meaning nearly 4k in 2 days, its already enough for me and my mum to fly and stay in Taiwan for another week! So... What's the plan? I dunno. Help!!! Erm, maybe, Penang?

OMG! @ 5

I got myself a new gadget!!! ^^ Thank you daddy~! The red gadget along with all the free gifts, LOVE IT! Though I do not have much chances to use it. LOL!