Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Love With...

I had been traveling to Genting Highlands frequently recently and there is one place that I must go. I can stop myself from going to First World to shop (though not much shop there ^^"), but I must have my buffet dinner in Coffee Terrace. The food there cannot be rated as very delicious and do not consist of a large variety. But, I just love it. The chefs there are nice and when I went walking around taking pictures, they will even pose for me. ^^


Dim Sum




Vege (Simple but nice~)

Variety of salad (Love the potato salad~ ^^)

Char Koay Teow (Normal price@Ala-Cart=RM 14 and they give u the whole wok during buffet)

Satay, roti canai, choc fondue, fruits, ice cream etc available there. K, great, I am hungry d. Haha. Here some of the desserts.

Strawberry Pudding


My favourite spot after dinner. The night view is quite nice~

Also, went to genting with Nott frens after our exam. Had a great time there~ Love you guys! Really want to travel with them again asap. LOL.

My cousin finally got married!!! Congrats to Yvonne and hope she will do great in Australia.

Part of my dad's side family (Maybe half of them?)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet sweet sweet~

Finally went out with dear again~ It had been exactly ONE MONTH after the last 1. LOL. Anyway, this date was much sweeter since we had solved our problems, some problems which really bothered us ever since we began. *claps*
It was a long date, from 10 am til 9.30 pm, but do not seems to be enough, since we barely meet. LOL. Anyway, it was just sweet~ ^^SS-ing in Kitschen. I love the hat though... Haha.

Love these 2 photos~

Routine... Sundae Choc from McD

Full House, pure white, super nice. A bit expensive though. Food was not bad, just the drinks... Taste like antibiotics. LOL.

Another problem here... When will be the next date? Hmmm...
Anyway, take this as the early celebration of our 1st year anniversary~ (Ignoring the days that we broke up... ^^)

Little present for dear...

Friday, January 8, 2010

All New Me

Whole new me with a whole new hair style for whole new 2010!!!

Always wanted to have fringe and perm my hair, and I finally tried it~

As expected, I look mature with the curls. LOL. Hope that the curl will look more natural asap~ ^^

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The 3 main "Finally"s this 2 months~

Finally received a bouquet of roses~

From my DADDY~

Parents' 21st Anniversary present~

Ice-cream from swensens~

Finally updated my blog and changed the layout~

Finally told daddy about MH~ And... He DID NOT SAY NO!!!

OMG, I was so worried that he will not allow me to have a boyfriend now but eventually, he is not really against it. However, he gave me some 'advice' aka LECTURE.

And now, he is starting to make jokes out of my boyfriend. LOL. Most importantly, we can finally date without any worries that will see dad!!! ^^

Another finally, back with Hon~ ^^

And Finally, our another 5S6 class gathering~ Many people came back, Theng Fei, Jaq, Jia Ming, Caitlin etc. However, not many people attended. Only 13 of us. LOL. N Ms. Hing See Khee could not make it also, must seriously force her next time.

Joyce, Me and Jaq~

I am so lonely... LOL

My face looks small~ Thx Gor ^^