Monday, January 31, 2011


Finally, after spending 4-5 months emo-ing, she is finally here. Seriously, I need to control my stress and diet better. (Well, another new year resolution that is a mission impossible?) Maybe it will be possible if EXAM does not exist. ^^

Well, done with my Y2S3 exam, 1st and last paper were okay, the 2nd and 3rd... OMG. 2nd still okay, 3rd paper: MICROBIOLOGY. My long time enemy. Just hoping for the best~ 40 marks shouldn't be a problem, I HOPE.

Went Mont Kiara for me and baby's early monthsary dinner in Porto Romano, thanks to Peng for recommending~ Really a nice place with nice food and atmosphere.

Upstairs of the restaurant, downstairs is more like a bar~ ^^ I love the decorations there, especially the fake fireplace.

Baby's food~ Carbonara with beef bacon (A dish that he will never miss)

My main course~ Salmon Cannelloni

Then last week, dad brought back a few super nice photo frames, I don't know where he got them from. Anyway, mum was busy looking for some old photos and realised... We do not have photos printed out these few years, all are in the laptop. So, mum took my childhood photos instead. It was really sweet looking back at the baby me, and I kept asking myself, is that really me? There is this photo, me and my ah mah (grandma)... Seriously, I miss her so much. Memories with her are memories that I will never want to forget, but I guess I cannot control my brain to store most of them. Just hope these photos will recall my memories.

Me and my grandmother when I was one month old~

And I found this picture too~ When I was 5 I think, at my aunt's wedding with cousin sis~ This girl looks so pretty and does not look like me! How I wish I had that look now. =p

And, I was a bit bored and tired of doing my report just now so went to my friendster page, yeah, that long-gone friendster. LOL! Surprisingly, I still remember my password and shocked to see some friends are still active. Went on to find my precious' page, some of his old photos and he really does not look the same now. Seriously, so different. Then went on to some blogs, and found my precious again. Some photos stabbed my heart but I know deep down, those are over. He's mine now.

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