Sunday, April 25, 2010

EX's Gathering

This is definitely an EX's gathering, meaning? When 2 pairs of ex couples meet up. LOL. Story begins when Florrie msged me, asking me to go to a talk organised by her church ie City Harvest Church in Sunway. I was considering about it 'cos the topic was interesting, about relationship, difference between men and women. And, realised that Kok Choon, Florrie's ex KC is going to attend too. I realised 'cos:
Florrie: "What will happen if you meet Mun Hon (aka my EX) again?".
Me: "Err, I dunno? But I am really curious to know. Why?"
Florrie: "I am asking KC to go and he intended to bring Mun Hon."
Me: " That is sooooo interesting."
So, in the end, I went, after rushing my reports. (Finally...)

Me and Florrie, that Siao Zha Bo went to cut her hair til damn short... Nice though, maybe I should try? NO.... Face to round. LOL.

Basically, I feel that MH did not really exist as I did not actually wanna look at him? Haha. No la, just very weird. I can only proudly announced that, "I PUT HIM DOWN ALREADY!" Not feeling sad, not feeling like crying though I thought I would. In fact, was smiling all the while. ^^

But, A bit disappointed with *ahem*... Next time, please at least show some respect for other's religion. You can be not singing with them, not listening to their prayers, but please, do nothing esp playing with HP!!! Even some1 told me, "He is still the same huh?". YES! Same! So no hope d~ LOL.

Anyway, the talk... Interesting~ ^^ The speaker ie Pasteur Pat (I think so...) started off with difference between men and women. I can't really remember exactly the content though. Only remember him saying
"Women do not expect men to do exactly like what you are doing because, they do not have a brain~"
No offense guys... Just trying to say that men do not think as much as women do. ^^
Also, girls tends to control her bf or husband. *Kok Choon looking at me and give me an evil grin...*. Did the Pasteur say do not manipulate a guy? I do not remember but I think yea... LOL.

And there are basically 4 things that a women must remember when dealing with a guy.

1. Say your request for more than ONE time:
Guys when they listen to something you said, it goes into, for example their right brain and "Oh, Okay." But their left brain will respond. "Did you hear anything? Nothing." Continue with DOTA. LOL. So, repeat~

2. Watch your mouth.
Do not actually scold them or insult them, you will not be able to encourage or motivate them.

3. Appreciate the dumbest thing he ever did.
He gave this example:
One day, he went to wash his dishes and realised that the dishwasher was full with cleaned plates. So, he is in a dilemma... Finally, he took out everything and put in his dishes. His wife responded by saying, "Oh, you *something (fill in the blanks, I can't remember~)* monkey~".
4. Do not keep him guessing? (I think so?)
It's really something very common. For instance, venue for dinner:
Guy: "Where do you want to go for dinner?"
Girl: "Awww, anything~" *Please choose Japanese food*
Guy: "Okay, let's go to have some western food."
Girl: "..."
There goes a quarrel~
GIRLS! Please tell them what exactly you want, your birthday present, choice of dinner, what do you want from him etc. Because, guys are like CHIMPANZEE~ They seldom guess correctly! ^^

That's basically what I remembered but listening to this talk with my EX just make this talk amazing. LOL.

Off topic:
I went to Memory Lane and Parkson to check for my dear Cupido couple's price. AGAIN. OMG, it went up to RM109.90 each! How long do I need to wait before I can actually own them??? T.T I had been waiting for half a yr!!! MUM... DAD... I WANT!!! Y.Y (I feels like a little girl...)

And speaking about soft toy, can any1 tell me what this toy of mine is? ^^Tomato? Apple? And that cute little girl is my coussie~ Looks like me? ^^ (Definitely not praising myself that I am cute. I am not that SS, yet...)


  1. haha ~!!
    he's so correct !! i dun have brain either !!! :P
    yo ~!! you Go that church one mer ? :P wahaha ~!!
    i went there too..long time aGo Y.Y

  2. LOL. Why are you so honest? ><
    Nope, my friend asked me to go solely for the talk.