Thursday, April 1, 2010

They are finally official BGF!

OMG, I am so happy!!! He finally did it! After months, perhaps years of waiting and non-stop effort, she finally accepted him! Btw, I am talking about a pair of new couple around me~ ^^

He had fallen for her when they met in University. He began to care for her, getting closer to her and his greatest effort? Went to her house almost once every 2 weeks, until her parents, sisters, relatives etc knew him so well. Basically, they treated him like her bf d, every event, every party, every celebration, he will be invited. Then, his parents love this girl a lot also, they are willing to send him to her house when he is not driving, they can call her up to invite her to their family dinner, they do not mind repairing his car, not for him, but just want him to get her asap. They treat her even better than their son. LOL.

Just, the girl might still think a lot, and perhaps there are some parts of the guy which the girl could not accept. Even though everyone was hoping that the girl accept him asap, she still hesitate. (If I were the girl, I would have accepted him LONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG ago...)

Finally, this guy asked again, ask if she can be his gf. The girl needs time to consider. After some time, he asked again, he told her that she still owe him a reply. So not romantic... Haha. Anyway, the 3rd time, finally!!!!! They are together now!~ I am so happy for them la! I think basically her family, her friends, his friends, his family also feel happy for them~

So, Mr, treat her nicely k? I really hope what you said can be done. Must take care of her, even though she is not your wife yet, but I dun care! Must love her, you used such a long time before manage to hold her hands, must hold her tight, please do not let her go easily! Blessings from me~ ^^


  1. LOL. My fren~ ^^ Dun so 8 la. Haha.

  2. yih...i very kepo one ...hints plz !! :P