Sunday, May 2, 2010

Destress Time~!

When you are totally stress up with all the upcoming exams and hypnotizing notes, here are some suggestions to destress~ :

1. Hang out with close friends for a movie eg. Iron Man 2 and have really nice food such as Tony Romas. ^^

2. Go Shopping and try out different clothes (I seriously "love" Voir's Member's day 'cos I spent RM 250) and... Cam whoring~ =P

3. Going to some really nice places like your uncle's new condo which looks like a resort with super big swimming pool and Japanese-style design. =0

4. Have dinner with your family while taking photos for your lil cousins who are already almost your height...

5. Lastly, cam-whoring day and night!!!

This is how I spent my 1st week of study week~! The second week of study week... Will be spent in exactly the same way? ^^ At least, will be having Swensens' Earthquake on Tuesday, 50% discount on the huge 8-scoops-gigantic ice-cream~ I love Tuesday! I don't like Wednesday because 1st paper, B31A08 aka Pharmaceutics is on 12th of May, Wednesday! OMG!!!

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