Thursday, April 22, 2010


There goes my MPHARM 1... It had already been more than 6 months since I first step into UNMC, it is really fast.
I was super stress in the first semester due to Microbiology. Things got better with the help from my friends, especially that gang... I am really happy and blessed to know them, and yea, I love them.

Winnie Ting, Shu Kuan, Suyi, Michelle, Kah Men, Jazline, Jasmine, Siew Nee, Jill, Yen San and Kah Ern... We USED TO be very close. Some used to have lunch with me, some used to walk me and fetch me back to my hostel, some used to go Genting with me, some cried with me when I am down, some will crap with me when they on9, some gather around to sing and dance when one of us left, some will have ice cream together in front of 7-11 after party...

But I don't know since when all these changed... Since when I do not hear them singing, hear them planning stuffs, hear them crapping? It just feels empty... Just like you are deaf, you can only see them moving around, gathering, but you do not know what is going on...

Yea, maybe I might not be liked for my attitude, my character. I might be too serious or busy, I might not go any outings or any dinner, but... Why can we be so close last sem, and not this sem?

Perhaps, the recent event had created some misunderstandings, or I was being too harsh when I am under stress... But, I did apologize, and I know it was not totally my fault. Everyone had their own mistake. Maybe the biggest mistake is to believe in someone who has the potential to be a back-stabber.

I can make a new friend very quickly, but I am not good in keeping my friends. But, I really hope to keep all of you as my lifetime friends... Maybe we might not be that close, but... Please do not ignore me, it really hurts... It hurts to see a friend who was close to you or who you really wanna be friend with just walk away like this, without leaving a word. If I am really not meant to be your friend, I want to know why. Can?

Sometimes, I am really jealous of that family in our class, they are so close that everyone just stick together all the time. N yea, I am really lucky for being able to join them towards the end of the Sem 2 and got a new grandma, mummy and Jie Jie. I love them a lot too, for you will never feel stress when you are with them, its always full of laughter. They are ready to listen, esp my Kelly jie jie. I just hope that no matter how long we cannot meet, we can be closer once we met. ^^
And now, its the end of Yr 1... Things went back to the original point where I still feel so lost...

Friends always come and go, but sometimes, they will stay if you are worth it. I hope I can be the 1 who is worth them keeping in the heart.


  1. friends come and go in every stage of life.if its meant to be yours it will be now or in the future.sometimes knowing the truth isnt the happiest thing cause it could be the worse thing of all.friends who really appreciate u and worth keeping are the ones who can accept every good and bad side of u.cheer up and stay strong girl!*winks*

  2. i am still your friend