Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farewell Party 2010

The end of the farewell party~ Had been preparing for months and time just passed by real fast. I still remember the day when Mr. Pres asked me to attend the EXCO meeting and passed me this event. Forming an organizing committee, having meetings, discussions, rehearsal, and some misunderstandings, until now, the end of the party.

Many unexpected events came up that night, especially the rain... It was a very nice weather when the party started and just out of the sudden, it started raining heavily, gotta move a lot of stuffs eg. food and tables... Thanks to all the organizing committees, Yr 1 and 2 who helped in clearing all the mess. Otherwise the party will not return to normal in less than 45 mins. So, its really worth treating you guys in JJ's after the party! Love you guys!!!

And, really sorry for those who received some scoldings from me when I am under tension. No hard feelings k? ^^

OK, share some photos of the part of the organizing committee now~
Opening speech~ I was super nervous... T.T

Emcees of the night~
DJ of the night~

The one who helped me a lot. Thx Kelly!!!
The Wonder Girls of PharmNotts~


Kuan kuan (1st from left), my treasurer and my all-time best friend~

Elin, Jocelyn n Vivian, the Decoration n Games crew~ ^^

All the year 1s who attended the drinking session in JJ's after party!

Beer @ JJ's ^^

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