Thursday, April 1, 2010


I had this friend, whom really surprises me when he is willing to spend some time, giving little surprises for his girlfriend. When it was her birthday, he will ask me to help him choose flowers and cake, giving her a surprise at 12 am. He will also appear suddenly, really, when she least expected him to, just to give her a hug, telling her he miss her. These little surprises really do spice up their lives, strengthening their bonds. No matter how much quarrel they had, they are still as sweet. I really hope this guy will treasure her, for she really loves him. She can really sacrifice a lot for him, and care A LOT for him, everything she did when he was sick really made it clear that she loves him a lot. He/She should know that I am referring to them, i guess? ^^

Actually he reminded me of my ex. My ex once gave me a surprise when he suddenly appeared in SP when I was waiting for my friends for our gathering. Another time was silently putting a necklace in my bag as my bday present. This memory just pop out of my mind suddenly~ I can't permanently delete those memories, can I? All these serve as an experience of life, also lessons that I will remember for the rest of life. If memories were to be deleted, meaning half of the one year when I was with him will be empty. So, even if memories are sad, it is still worth keeping it in your mind, at least you know, you had been through it and you are all over it now.

Just one thing, cherish what you have now, appreciate them and do not take them for granted. Everyone's presence in your life has their own purpose. They make you smile, make you cry, make you feel warm, make you feel loved and most importantly, let you learn a lot. Little surprises may cost you some time, but they are worth it if they are for your love ones and the one who loves you, right? They bring a smile on your face, put one on theirs too~ ^^

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