Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweetness during Audrey's Party~

Sweet sweet couples spotted during Audrey's Birthday party~ Finally cousins are bringing back their another half, not only seeing their sweet photos on FB anymore, not just listening to their stories. I felt warm though it reminded me of many regrets and plans that can never be carried out or made me feel that I was supposed to be one of them with my ex. Anyway, I am just happy! Hope they can be sweet all the way~

My New BF~

Ka Eng and Harn Jiat~

Audrey and Melissa

Cherrie and Chun Ye

Serine and Michael~ Finally together lo~ I heart this pic!!!

The real 3 pairs of couples~ So sweet lo... I jealous o~~~

Not really la, I am not ready for a relationship yet, and I am tired to start a relationship now. Relationship-phobia. Haha. I am looking for a bf who can really understands me and be the 1 I rely on, not the 1 relying or me, all in all, stronger n tougher than me. Although I had actually met 1, that's a mission impossible so... Just stop thinking about relationship~ Feel the sweetness from the couples around me, getting hug from my friends, love from family and that is more than enough~ So, 你们都要幸福哦!


  1. never try never know mah ~!!! no mission impossible one !!
    only Got mission you dare to try or not nia ~!!
    wahahahaha ~!!!!

  2. Haha. Haven try oso know fail d la~ So mission is not a mission! Haha.

  3. whose the lucky one?:O

  4. Hmmm... Miss tomato's secret~ ^^

  5. woohoo interesting!:D
    In the saying of shaun lim,now concentrate on exams 1st yo this kind thing summer break is all u have to think about :P
    cheer up k girl!good luck in facing all the stress u r having :P

  6. oh ya may all ur wish come true!! *winks*