Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sometimes, I wonder why people loves flowers. (I love flowers too, esp champagne colour roses, I dunno why, I just do not like red roses...) Flowers may look nice, smells nice when it blossoms. But sometimes people tend to forget about taking care of them and they wilt, and became nothing. Even when you handle them with care, they will die off, perhaps due to the hot weather, too much water etc. Most people might just throw it away, maybe some will dry them and store as dry flower. Their life spans are so short that you can only enjoy the view and pleasant smell they brought to you for a short while.

It feels just like love. When love started to grow, you will not know how fast it can be. Sometimes, it took years, sometimes, just a few days. When love blossoms, it is sweet and you feel like you have everything. You will get used to the sweetness, got tired of it and eventually, forgot about handling your love with care. Sometimes, your another half loves you too much, until you suffocate and there goes the love.

Just like dry flowers, love which had died off may be stored as a memory which can be took out once in a while to refresh your memories. You will sometimes regret for letting it slip off your hands so easily, but there is nothing you can do to revive it. It had gone...

Sometimes, love just seems worthless for people. They can just throw it away, remembering that they had loved before, and that's it. Life goes on with another new partner. For them, new other half is a better thing as they can try out more.

Perhaps, I am not a good gardener, I do not know how to take care of flowers. I just hope I can have a evergreen tree. When the leaves shed off, it will be replaced by new ones. Its just like when some of the love for me die off, it will be replaced by more love. There will always be leaves on the tree, just like what I am hoping for, always loving me, no matter what happened and what challenges we had.

Problem is, it is an ideal situation which will not happen in real life. I think?

Sometimes, love became habit. But... What's wrong with habit? Loving some1 became a routine, caring for some1 became a habit, talking to some1 everyday became a basic necessity, I do not see any disadvantages. Perhaps, not interesting anymore?

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  1. 美丽的东西永远都是短暂的~!