Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sometimes, when you are meant to meet somebody, you will meet that someone no matter what. It may be something impossible, and it feels like there is no connection in between two of you when both of you only know each others name. Both of you can just walk pass each other, treating each other like strangers.

However, there can be some coincidence to make both of you meet. It may be just when your friend wanted to hand you something and this someone became the in-between-man; when you are so sad and ran to a friend, suddenly, this friend just introduces you to this someone; or even when this friend is interested in one of your friends, and both of you get to know each other.

There are many possibilities between you and this some1, you may just be friends, close friends or perhaps couple. Sometimes, the progress can be so fast that you will not believe it. Even if you had just been through a really heart-aching relationship, and you thought you are still in the process of recovering, this some1's existence might just bring back a smile on your face, unconsciously.

When you are still thinking that both of you can share a lot of things, understanding each other, and can be a really close friend of yours, you will not realize that some chemical reaction is going on. A slow reaction might really require patience, but since the reaction is already on, there should be a product in the end. So, just enjoy the process of this reaction until a product is ready to be formed.

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