Friday, June 4, 2010

☆ Updates ☆

2nd week of Summer holidays~ And I am still doing nothing except going out until my mum give out warning that I cannot go out anymore! N... I finally got 'my' Jay Chou's album. The box is not bad la, quite nice, the Jay's pic in front has a 3D effect, but other than that... Its just a NORMAL METAL BOX. Never mind, spend RM 75 to make my dear sis happy is worth it, I hope? Have not really listen to the songs yet, though it had been in my lap top for almost a week. I kept on forgetting its existence. =P Dinner with Baby and his friends in Taylor's Lakeside Campus. =P I had been there last week and last week's menu was more to western style and this time, Asian cuisine. Salad... Erm... I seldom eat young mango. =P Main course... Lamb was a bit burnt, Chicken was not bad. Dessert... The kuih talam was not cooked or I dunno, feels like cheese of pandan flavour. Haha. Anyway, main thing is get to be with some1. ^^

*poke the bubble cheeks*

Then, I went to this Relay for Life event in Bkt Jalil's Majis Sukan Negara. This event was organised by National Cancer Society and I thought it should be fun... But... Things do not end up as what we expected. Me n Nora reached there at like 5 pm and no1 from PharmNotts was there and we cannot collect out shirts etc. Went to walk around and nothing is ready, except for some performances. I was being really unlucky 'cos I brought my camera, but WITHOUT MEMORY CARD, changed my N97 to a really old phone which can't take nice pics. Fine... Then, It started raining so me n nora was forced to wait under a big umbrella and we ended up in the middle of the field.

Lily they all finally reached and there was a super long queue in front of the washroom. Forced to walk all the way to a food court near Stadium Putra to change. Also realised nothing to eat, so called McD delivery. =P After that, walked on the muddy field, taking photos with LOCAL celebrities and played game to win a lip gloss. =P
But, we ended up leaving the event at around 9.30 because we were all sitting in the training stadium, doing nothing except chatting n cam-whoring. We were supposed to go sing k and watch movie in Sunway Pyramid or MV. But, we do not have enough transport and singing k at that time is seriously expensive. Then Nora came up with this idea which is to stay over in her place~! So... There goes my 1st KTM experience. Haha. Seriously, 1st time using KTM and 1st time using LRT with friends. Luckily we managed to catch the last KTM at 11pm.

Too excited so monkey-ing around in the LRT~ Not many ppl so who cares about losing image! =P

Then, we walked all the way to Empire Gallery to realise that Starbucks is closed, so took cab to AC. Missed Snowflakes, but had a great time chatting n eating there. ^^ Shower and watched movie in Nora's hse. Had a really great time throughout the night and also receiving some super cute and sweet calls from my precious bday boy. =P

Also, went out with Chee Yuen for Snowflakes! Missed twice and finally get to eat. Really not bad. =P Actually, Chee Yuen was committing a crime by bringing me there because he could have got me killed by giving a fever and flu patient a whole big bowl of ice. =P But still worth it~

Caught in the jam and heavy rain near Taylor's... And Mr. Lim, where is your safety belt?

And Mummy finally knows about me n baby. Was supposed to tell her ourselves, but she asked me in a really weird but cute n indirect way, so just admit it. Though got a lot of lectures, most importantly, I am not lying to her anymore. =P Daddy asked also, but I just told him not yet but soon... Luckily he did not really go against. ^^

Baby company me to watch 大日子 Woohoo!... Yes... I just watched it after like almost 4 months?

Went up to Genting and just reached home... Eat eat eat and shop shop shop. Brought back a lot of things. Esp FATS! ><
Cam-whoring with kai mui in room, stayed in Resort Hotel. =P

My all time favourite~ Buffet in Coffee Terrace. Salmon!

Emo-ing? Missing some1?

Weeee, Audrey's Pooh!

I love the dessert but can't really finish. Had a lot of cakes d.

A must do whenever I go Genting~ Movie! Prince of Persia is really not bad~

It was 11 pm when we got back to room and still... Non-stop cam-whoring while resting before going to Starbucks to on9~ Webcam with baby! Miss him...

There is 1 thing I seriously hate about 1st World Hotel. The workers of Ripley's Believe it or Not always try to scare people by dressing into ghost. This is still ok, the creepy part is they will start chasing you when you try to avoid them. This time, one of them chased us into Nike and still wait at the window, staring at us like a real ghost! Screw them!!!! Last time was carrying a bloody head into the lift and put it in front of my little cousin. So not ethical!

Anyway, I am currently watching a new HK drama 谈情说案, Mysteries of Love by Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma. Raymond Lam is so handsome ar!!! He looks super duper good in his formal attire, plus his genius physics brain and gentleman character! OMG! The drama is actually a HK version of Detective Galileo which is soooooo much nicer than this HK 1. The first few eps is kinda lame la, 'cos crimes are solved so easily and makes the police looks so stupid lo. Some really easy problems also can't solve...

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