Tuesday, June 29, 2010


旅行回来,发现到一件事,也可以说真正领悟到。。。 原来有时候离开可以让人忘记一些问题,忘记一些烦恼,但是却始终逃不了,避不了,该面对的,始终该面对。



Face the truth dear... You will not be given the freedom that you deserve at your age, for you are the only child. Sometimes, I ask myself... Why you are asked to live your own life like an adult when you are still being treated like a kid where you are being restricted to do things that people at your age had done long ago and those are activities that wont harm your life.

I guess lacking freedom made me hurt many people, broke a lot of promises... There is nothing I can do, no matter how hard I try to persuade, how hard I try to prove myself... I am just sorry.

也许,在我还没能主宰自己的人生前,我不应该走进别人的世界里吧。。。Especially when I know that the main problem is I do not social enough, not because I isolated myself, is because my so called freedom restricted me from that.

Even a simple camp, simple vacation with friends or a simple trip without them, is not something I can do when I am already in University. Perhaps, I shall really hope less, asked less or even stop enjoying the freedom I have now.

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