Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Betrayal and Disguise

I do not understand why some people can still act like nothing happened after they betrayed someone, whether someone they love or someone who is totally not related to them. Won't they feel guilty? Won't they feel like they can't face that person anymore?

Sometimes, when people betrayed someone silently without letting that person know, they still demand for their respect, trying to act as if they sacrifice a lot, as if they are the victim. So what if they did a lot? In the end, they are still a betrayer, and there are people who are being hurt by them, not only the victim, also those who really respected them and cherish them.

Some people are not good at lying and when their lies are almost being revealed, the only thing they know is to get mad, make it looks like others' fault. They do not know that their action is just confirming others' guess. If you are scared of letting people know that you betrayed them, why do that in the first place? You may get what you want in the end, but are you really happy?

And many people always talk about what is being emphasised by their religions, making themselves look so holy, look so pure. Most of them are really just using all these words as their cover. In reality, how many can actually follow? How many can actually do as what they told others? Some can even go to the extend of back-stabbing people, not respecting others even trying to make people look so bad.

Why must everyone be so fake and is being fake, protecting yourself with a shell the only way to survive in this cruel world? I really wonders... Is there anyone we can trust with our lives around us? Like my parents said: "Trust no one except yourselves, not even us...".

Sometimes, its making people suffocate, trying to beware of other people, playing minds, guessing your "opponent" every move. I guess no one can run away from this game when they are born, and the level of disguising ourselves will increase by day, by years and by generation. Perhaps, the one showing the true inner self is destined to be the loser?

P/s: Sorry if I offended anyone here, just personal opinion. Forgive me because I wrote this in a super duper down mood.

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