Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rotting in progress...

OMG~! I am rotting at home! Well, actually no... Basically, I have something to do everyday.

Had been going to Fitness First for 3 days. The Fitness First Platinum in Empire is cool cos they have a real nice swimming pool. Not to say very big, but just nice. =p However, I did not lose weight, in fact, I gained weight~! Running on treadmill for half an hour after a heavy meal just burn away less than 10% of the calories. Swimming another 5% perhaps? Abdominal crunch machine is nice though, hope I can have 1 at home! ^^ Also, went to this body jam class. Everything was so fast, cha cha to mambo to salsa to samba then basic steps etc... I cannot follow!!! Confused all the steps but its still tiring! =p Free membership is until 22nd and I guess I do not have the chance to go anymore.

And guess what, Nich darl is back! So do most of the A-Levels UK gang!!! Luckily I managed to meet Nichelle on 18th after I got my bloody results which really sux... ><>< Come to my house and play with my make up set! N sleepover... Miss those days...

Know what we are doing? We are comparing asses... ^^

Hug hug from Darling after 9 months!

Love you Nich! Muax~!

Yea... Results is out. I could have done better. B07 and A08. I wonder why I can lose so many marks, though kinda expected I will lose a lot of marks. WTH i am talking? Yayaya, as in, I do not expect that many marks... Expected slightly less. Stupid mistake done in B07! The most annoying part is: A lecturer deducting marks from your assignments for exceeding word counts when he told you it is ok to exceed the word count! And that you had confirmed with him for 3 times! Also when the marks you were supposed to get and you are getting are on 2 extremities! If I failed that module, I would have destroy his whole office, sue him, make him lose his job, complain to UK Nott, make it on press! K, joking... I do not have that power la... Though I have the rights. =p N I suddenly feel that Mr. Wong is much better... ^^

It's going to be a weight gaining week for me starting today! Umaiyah Jap buffet Lunch today to celebrate Father's Day and family dinner for all the fathers in my family... And... TAIWAN TRIP! Yes!!! Arranged all the schedule by looking for directions to places on google maps~ However, food is not the most important thing here... The most important is... SHOPPING! OMG, i have so many things to buy... Boots, bag, purse, dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts etc. How I wish my luggage weight limit were 100 kg and no limited budget by dad. ><

And, I started watching football... I do not know why and Even my mum wonders why. LOL! Did not watch all the matched cos Stadium Astro is no where in sight in my house. >< Germany, Spain and England... I do not know what happen to them, maybe they were under pressure knowing I was watching them? Higuain was overwhelmed knowing me supporting him and hence, scoring 3 goals in the match? Pudolski knows I do not like him as much as Higuain, Messi and Torres so he could not perform well cos unable to focus? *fantasy-ing*wake up from dream* Wonders who will enter semi, finals and become champion... Have high hopes on Spain though. But... K, I am not really a great fans of whichever country, so just watch! But gonna miss a lot of matches! Nvm, it's worth it~

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