Thursday, June 10, 2010


This world is never fair...

People always say that good people will be rewarded after doing a good deed while those who committed crimes will be punished. I guess this is just another piece of crap? If it is true, why are we looking at all those unsolved cases which we can actually tell the truth with slight common sense? Why are we looking at some 'suspects' who can still be working after being reported? Evidence was insufficient? Or perhaps just disappeared suddenly like wind? Or because the victims are not important enough?

Sometimes, innocent people need to bear the consequences of the mistake done by other people, who might be totally unrelated to them. Those people who made mistake experience no harm, no pain and might not even know what they had done. Perhaps, even if they know, sometimes, sorry is the only word they can say. The rest of the things, just leave it to the innocent people. They will have ways to make things right? Nice excuse...

Some people can be so rich while some can't even get to have a meal in a day. I wonder how does it feel like to be in a living hall as big as a restaurant or a golden washroom watching some TV programs on how the African child suffers. Will they have slight guilt of being such a big spender? Perhaps they wont... Rich n poor, I guess its just to balance up the world?

Today, saw a bunch of girls smoking in a restaurant. Was sitting there for less than an hour and they had smoked at least 5 cigarettes each. Basically, my food was being polluted by 4000 types of chemicals including some carcinogens. I am again 1 step closer to getting pulmonary emphysema, lung cancer etc. How about them? Maybe less harm since inhaled sidestream smoke is about four times more toxic than mainstream smoke. Sometimes, I find this fact amusing...

Also, some people just have the luck to excel in everything, getting everything they want. Their timing is just so right that you cannot be jealous. The people they met is right, the timing they do something is right, and even the opportunity they got is so good. Fair? There is always some luck involve, so perhaps fair n square never exist.

I used to know some1 who scored 6As in PMR and know what? She was one of the worst student in the school. Luck helped her in the exam? I guess so... Not because she memorized the right thing, is because she was not caught playing truant. What can the other students who studied hard but still get a worse results say? Nothing. Who can they turn to to ask for fairness?

Perhaps, thinking from other point of view, lacking of fairness motivates people to work harder, so that they can compensate the lack of luck with their efforts. Anyway, just work hard and make sure we can answer to ourselves and those we love. Living a normal life without feeling guilty is actually very satisfying. =p

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