Sunday, March 28, 2010

N97 thief Wanted!

OK, I lost my HP, not a normal 1, N97~ There are many things inside le. T.T Around 100 games on the memory card, more than 1000 photos, and I had not have the chance to save some of them.

Most importantly, ALL MY CONTACTS! I am now entering the contacts 1 by 1 into my new HP, because, I am totally unlucky, my back-up files got corrupted, and only the CONTACTS part is corrupted. What luck am I having now???!!! I seriously want to go through all the CCTV right now and find out who is that idiotic fella. Gonna kick his ass, post his photos all around WWW and chop him into pieces!

Anyway, to all my friends, if you know my number, kindly send me a message telling me who you are so that I can save it again~ ^^ (I am still using the same number~ )

Anyway, just came back from spa and massaging~ FOC again! Haha. Relieve stress~ And my muscle cramped when I was having my massage... Weirdo~ LOL.

P/s: some one told me something, actually, kinda happy de. ^^

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