Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Busy and Complicated Week

Had been really busy recently and slept at 1 or 2 almost everyday. It is normal for most people but not for me, so acne had been popping out, VERY SERIOUS. Those stress and pressure from rushing assignments, pissed off by some people, relationship problem and peers problem really made it more serious.

Ok, cut the crap. Talking about pissing off by people... I just hope that it won't happen again, hey fren, plagiarism is a serious academic offense in our school k? I just hope you all know that. Please do not ever plagiarize, copy everything and still leave the hyperlink there. Smart plagiarizing is still acceptable though detectable by our turn-it-in, not by me~ So, I will not need to do the thing again, since I cannot detect it~ Do not copy from books that I recommended because, come on, I had been reading from there k? I might not have such good memory, but hey, I can at least remember when the whole paragraph looks so familiar. ^^ All in all, be smart, like, copy a line from Wiki, another line from another website. At least, I can detect wiki, not the other sites, then I will need to redo a small part only. Also, a special thanks to them for reminding me about the peer assessment form in which they need to sign and confirm that they did give the same contribution to this report like others did when I am busy rushing the report. (OKAY, I admit that, I am seriously being sarcastic. ^^) I JUST HOPE ALL THESE CRAP WONT HAPPEN AGAIN! Last Chance k? Not being bossy, just, be fair for others.

The very nice peers problem which had been with me all the while. Let's see... Sometimes, I joke with friends, and all these jokes did not really go through my brain. Some of my friends can accept it, 'cos basically, it is a joke. When my friends cannot accept it, it became a serious offense to them. Some might show it, some did not. This friend showed it, and made it so obvious. Ignoring me and not looking at me when I am talking. I am really sorry about that joke and I guess I really need to apologize. Will get myself some courage to really say sorry. Also, I might have back-stabbed this friend, no details on this though. I had consider the consequences of my action when I made that choice, and the friend said it was okay. So... I really do not know. Should I apologize face to face or SMS? T.T

Relationship... Started a new relationship? Not this fast la duh... Just, I do not know if I had put him down 'cos I had really get used to the current situation. It is only that, sometimes, I will still thought of doing something for him. Perhaps, I am still used to being a bf-savior (not that noble though, just hope I can help him with sth)? Anyway, the new issue here is, am I having feelings for some1? Same problem with that some1, is it because of loneliness or really 'cos very comfortable when with him. One thing for sure, we are alike in some ways. Anyway, like jie jie said, ENJOY SINGLE LIFE~ So, think about that later. If really have feelings for each other and really ready to be in a relationship, why not? Just that, I need to be sure that the some1 had really made up his mind and make sure that I am not having super strong feelings for ex. LOL.

And, I just wanna say, I LOVE LATIN! Dancing is FUN! Should really learn earlier when I have the urge to, should not drag til now. Though I might be really an outsider in this, and I still can't master the basics, I am in love with it~ Just need to practice more~

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