Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recovering in process...~ ^^

Finally put everything down... Not to say put down la, just I dun feel sad over it anymore. Will still miss him, since he is still kinda important? Haha. But at least I won't cry lo. Some1 asked me if he is worth missing, I really do not know eh... It's not a problem of worth it or not, its you will or will not. Haha.

Having my real good life now, just being elected as the Vice Pres of PharmNotts, my 1st very important post (Except for the Assistant Head Prefect post during primary school~). I was super extremely nervous before announcing the results. Was like, OMG, what if I did not get elected? Hmmm. I was nominated for 4 posts and forced to choose 1. I wanted to choose President at first but do not really have confidence in getting it so... ^^

Anyway, gonna start busying soon. Events to plan and handle, exam coming soon, working during summer hols, and Travelling during JUNE! I MUST HAVE FUN DURING JUNE! (Hope I can). ^^

Ohya, I went Chiamy's hse to stayover last week! Though I was not really allowed to and I kind of force my way out from the house by asking Jye to fecth me before telling my mum. ^^" I need a friend to talk to at that very moment so... yea... I "ran away" from house. Haha. I was kinda down and nearing the edge of collapsing because I misunderstood him, and I am really sorry. Sorry Mr. C~ T.T Anyway, went out with Chiamy, Chee Yuen (A new friend though I knew who he is since CHS ^^") and his friend for dinner in Jaya One.

Then, Jye msged and asked me for badminton with Nga. So, went badminton in Megah Badminton court at round 9.45pm and played til 11, barefooted... Haha. Chee Yuen joined oso. Had fun and really tq guys, I guess it was your effort for cheering me up. And you all really did. All of them gave me courage to face him on the next day when I went to meet him, to look for truth? Or just to let myself draw a full stop on this relationship? Haha.

Anyway, met him, did what I need to and now, I fully recover d (not fully, perhaps 70%?). Hope he will take care of himself and use that protector. Oh and btw, me and her talk back~ Some of you may know who I am referring to~ ^^

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  1. Life For Youself..
    Better future awaits for you... ^^