Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Just Mocks... T.T

I still can’t stop blaming myself for screwing up my mocks. Why was I panic??? Though it’s just Mocks and it’s not important since I had already got my forecast results, still every exam is very important to me.

I seriously feel very stress when I know that others are better than me and yes, this is pure kiasu. Maybe this is the main reason that make me panic, another reason is because I feel that I had not prepared enough and kept on thinking negatively that I will screw my exam. Plus, parents have high expectations in my results and this really put me under great pressure.
Nichelle just reminded me a thing that Mr. Goh told us before:

“Life follows the sine graph, once u are at the top at a certain period, u will deteriorate.”

I guess I am at the lowest point of the graph now and I need to work real hard to get back to the highest point. I also need to put a capacitance and a full wave rectifier to make the graph smoother to make sure that I won’t drop to the minimum point and maintain at a certain level.

What I need to do now is study more and practice more, must read through everything for at least 3 times. I guess it’s possible??? =P

Anyway, I just wanna thank my friends especially my darling, Nichelle and dear for listening to me. I know I am kinda stubborn for not listening to what you all told me over and over. I hope I really learned my lesson this time.

P/S: Vern, do not complain that my blog is all about studies again o. ‘Cos my life is really revolving around books. Haha.

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