Friday, April 10, 2009


Gosh, I screwed my MOCKS!!!

Mechanics M1:

I could not believe that I put mgcosθ instead of mgsinθ and this mistake made me lose 10 MARKS!!!

Pure Maths 3:

Mr Lee: “Sophia, you did badly in your P3. You are too panic and not steady enough. You did so many careless mistakes! (saw Fah Keen) Ah, He is steady.”

Okay, I know that I am careless and I am just too panic. Can you imagine having a maths lecturer standing beside you for like 5 minutes, looking at your working? If he came once, then it’s still okay, but he came for 3 times. Haiz... My luck is just too bad. Anyway, it’s still my own problem for being so careless. I can do most of the P3 questions but still mistakes here and there due to my CARELESSNESS!!!!!!!!!!

Further Maths 1:

I skipped many questions ie left the whole question BLANK!!!! So basically, this paper has no hope.

Further Maths 2:

Again, I skipped some questions, left the whole question 9 blank. Then, Vern n Jet told me that the question is super easy, it’s like free marks. WTH?! Am I the only one who left it blank????!!!! OMG!!!


Paper 4:

I skipped the very 1st question and planned to go back and do after I finished the whole paper. But, I forgot to do that and I actually know the answer!!!

Paper 5:

The experiment question is a tricky question. I managed to put 10g of solvent but I carelessly put 0.32g of solute instead of 3.2g. How can I make such a mistake when I am supposed to get it right???


Paper 4:

No comments. Basically, I just crap everything and I don’t even dare to check the marking scheme that he gave until now.

Paper 5:

The ultrasound thingy... Everything that I wrote is pure crap and I think it may give Kingsley a laugh or maybe make him throw my paper away. The 2nd question looks correct but looking at my performances of the other papers, I have no confidence at all.

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