Saturday, April 4, 2009

Believe it or not???

Today, my cousin sis brought along her tarot cards when she came over to my house. I did not really believe in that but I still play with it out of curiosity. Surprisingly, the results that I got are quite accurate. Although not much details were given, still it's quite fun and I was amazed. Here's the summary of the results of the divination:

Past: You worked very hard and met a lot of obstacles. You were very worried about your studies and scared that you could not excel in what you were doing

Present: You have the skills required and you can do pretty well in your studies. There is nothing much for you to worried of now. (This is not really true though...)

Future: You must not work too hard and stress yourself too much. It may bring about an adverse effect. Rest and relax more. ( I will, and I always do. =p)

Past: You were avoiding to be with him and ran away from your true feelings. Both of you did not start a relationship despite having the chance.

Present: Both of you are doing pretty well now. Your relationship is quite steady but there are still some problems. There will be some objections from your friends.

Future: This relationship will be very steady in the future. (Hope so...)

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