Saturday, April 4, 2009


愛情的海洋 by S.H.E

因為我們 不會飛翔 所以幸福 航程漫長
你不怕 你不亂 我就不慌

在繁華的岸上 把沿途的淚光 都埋成了寶藏(最珍貴的寶藏)

愛情這片洶湧的海洋 有太多太多傷心的波浪
我們別像那樣 我們不要遺憾 要一起過海洋 要一起到對岸

如果有時 灰心失望 那是因為 太愛對方
誰能一開始對愛就擅長 誰能才剛啟程就有方向
不辛苦 不困難 何必渴望

I seriously love this song. This is the song that I listen to whenever I need strength to continue my relationship. I guess I would've given up without this song. But, I really don't know when will this song lose it's effect. Maybe when I started to lose confidence and do not believe in the lyrics? I just hope that I don't need this song to get me through all the problems that I faced that often. =p

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