Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Increase the Internal Energy?

Khee reminded me about something important that I tried to forget today...

We had a chat and she asked me how is life, of course she will not miss the important question (guess yourself =P). I started telling her those important things and all my feelings. She gave me an unexpected reply:

I can tell that you are really unhappy. You have all those negative feelings and thoughts whenever I asked you about that.

Yea, she got the point. I tried to forget how much I tried to tolerate and adapt to the totally opposite lifestyle. When I thought that I will give up, something will just happen right in time to prevent me from giving up. When I finally found something that can keep me going, some other problem rises. It is like a cycle and it will never stop unless someone stops it. Most of my 'internal energy' had been lost through all these repeated processes where W 0. I may also be selfish, thinking that no work is done on the system when there is work being done. Furthermore, some of the work done did not bring about happiness but suffering to the system.


1st Law of Thermodynamics:

∆u= Q+W

So, lets continue to supply some heat energy to or do some work on this system.(Please do not penalize me for bad physics, if this law is not applicable here. =P)

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