Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Its 2nd week of MPharm II and I am starting to get used to the many changes of Year 2 life.

Life is great with a car around, especially being trapped in such a jungle when you cant walk out and get a nice restaurant for a lunch or dinner~ Still waking up as early as usual... Why? Parking skills sux so need to get to the parking area in campus earlier since it will be sooooo empty that I can easily get my cute baby into the parking box. =p

Life in Uni with not only friend... I am really starting to get used to it. Had some serious conflict and a lot of questions for myself on the first few days of uni. Is it really a nice timing? Can I cope with my studies? Can I use my time fully, as in without affecting my study time, without ignoring my friends ans can still spend time with him? Took me sometime to get away from thinking only about me myself and start putting him into the time planning. Just... Thank you for understanding.

Its difficult to ignore the fact that Pharmacy is a stressful course... Esp when added with PharmNotts stuffs. Imagine class from 9-5 and meeting from 5 til maybe 6? It might be once a week, but still tiring. Also, everyone is really getting into study mood now. Its only the first week and the book I borrowed on the 3rd day of class was being recalled. All the books were fully booked. Its just so amazing thinking about that. Need to trigger my kiasu genes already. Lab starting soon, meaning~ Reports shall be piling up soon! And guess what, my laptop is going to hospital this week or maybe next week. Wish me luck in finishing my report on time!!!

Anyway, first 2 weeks were nice~ =p BBQ to celebrate moon cake fest with friends, BBQ in my new house and dinner with friends~ Life's good... When not thinking about studies. LOL! But I would rather have such packed timetable, at least you know, its time to study~ Not honeymoon year anymore...MoonCake Fest!

Orientation 2010

BBQ and House Warming

Dinner at Mamak~

And, I know, things change and feel different, I am being really emotional lately, great mood swings, paranoid, thinking way too much, throwing temper all around. Bla~ Anyway, time to get back to serious business~ Cannot fool around already! Smile girl~

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