Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have never been so screwed in my life before. All these effing stresses coming out of no where and suddenly appear in my totally screwed up life.

I never needed so much time before and now I am begging for 14 days in a week and the time please just stop for a moment. I need to finish my Endocrinology case study, make more promotion for the talks and vaccinations, arrange time with friends and private moments for myself!

Seriously going mad thinking about all these and going insane when people around you do not ever understand. Sabotaging my time for my studies for some seriously tiny matter which are so bloody not important should not be something people like them should do.

I am just begging for some space to breathe. Time, could you please just stop?

Seriously, why did I screw my life up so much this time?

If I need to sacrifice something to make things work, I would rather sacrifice myself.

Never ever ask me not to study or bloody hell study less. I am not going to do that.
Never ever in my whole life unless I know I can manage. Do not ask me to go out less with friends because I am going out very much lesser compare to others, going out less meaning NOT to go out at all, I am so not repeating that mistake.

Seriously, just a while for me to breathe in and out, to relax... Would you?

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