Saturday, October 30, 2010

For You I Will

Sometimes its really amazing how someone can read your mind like there is no barrier in between each and every thoughts. Before you can say it out, he had already gave you an answer, made a decision or even done something for you.

I do not believe that people will do anything and everything for the one they love, there is definitely something that they will hold on to and never ever do it, no matter for anyone, not even themselves.

Today, "FOR YOU I WILL", 1 simple phrase, 4 words, 12 letters, make me realise that... There is nothing call IMPOSSIBLE. Be it just a mere thought, just trying out and perhaps it does not end up the way we wanted it to be, but the important thing is, the THOUGHT and COURAGE of doing it.

For my stubbornness, for my perfectionism, for my principle, you are willing to. At this moment, asking: "Is is worth it?" sounds like a stupid question from a fool. Perhaps, stop asking questions, just loving you with all my heart is a better answer to all that you had done and will do in the future.

Its more than words to describe what I feel, I guess using your phrase
You are the best thing I ever had in my life
will be a better way to show you what I feel because, we both feel the same way.

I will be by your side, no matter what happen in the end. If there is anything I can do to make you suffer less, I will. For now, I will just smile and promise... I will smile everyday.

If you ask me one day, what words are better than I LOVE YOU, the answer will be

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