Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Year 2!

Finally Year 2 is starting 2 weeks later.

4 months had passed just like that, without any useful things done at all, other than my Industrial Training in Cerebos during August. Summer holidays with no books, no lectures, no assignments and no experiments rox!

Me in the lab!

Kak Maz, Me n Shira on the last day of work! Miss you!

Seriously enjoyed my Summer holidays a lot, managed to catch up with a lot of friends who are always here or just came back from overseas, mainly UK, also traveling to Penang, Malacca, Genting and Taiwan. ^^

Family and Nich darl in Penang! (Batu Ferringhi)

Meet up with Jing Yee, Kam Siew, Hui Min, Chang Soong in Penang! (Tropical Spice Garden)

But... Time to wake up from my super sweet, relaxing and enjoyable Summer Dreamz~ Face the reality once again!

Just moved in my stuffs to my new room in TTS 4. Room mate? PEK PENG! Weee~! This room is seriously much better than the 1 I stayed in during my Year 1. ^^ Hope I will enjoy more! =p

There are seriously a lot of changes throughout this four months and my Uni life in Year 2 will definitely be different because:

1. More assignments, more reports and TOUGHER modules! (Duh...)
2. Becoming senior!!! And my seniors are now in the UK! Gonna miss them.
3. More workload! Why??? PharmNotts! =p Schedule is now quite full even before the new Sem starts. OWA is constantly reminding me that I had exceeded my mail storage size. LOL! Hope my juniors can be good enough to ease out our jobs~
4. Having baby in the same Uni with me and hence... Adding lotsa sweetness to my Uni life~ ^^

The only thing that will not change is:

I love my Friends~
I Love my biscuits and my new lover-- Cornflakes~
I Love to Study~

Need to put in more effort this time to prove to my parents I can still study no matter what changes I had in my Uni life! UNMC Pharm Year 2, Here I come! See you officially on 27th Sept!

p/s:Darling leaving tomorrow! Hope you have a safe flight o~ Shall meet you again next year in June! Muax! <3

OMG! I don't want Summer Hols to End! Stop the clock from Ticking PLEASE!

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