Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 9

Really, everything just seems like yesterday. I still remember what happened last year around this time. The moments we had and how close we were. Now... The only thing left is just a formal smile and formal greetings. Nothing that happened include me. Things do change really fast huh? It really freaks me out thinking of this. Sometime, I do not even want to believe this is really happening. How I wish someone told me this is just a dream.

But, it is a reality that we must really learn to accept. Sudden lost of contact, lost of closeness... Everything without a reason, no, it is just me not being informed.

Dear, I might be smiling when I see you, talking to you like nothing happened. Do you know how much it is bleeding inside my heart? You will never know if neither of the person whom you treasure most treat you like this. I was proud to have you as a very close friend, having a very happy life, but now... Even wishing you Happy Birthday seems so awkward. Anyway, still, Happy Birthday~

p/s: Our friendship really seems to follow the fate of the present I gave last year.

I just want to feel appreciated. Not just words... I know, some feelings are not able to be expressed by words. But really, not the way you think it can. Perhaps, I will only feel under appreciated. What I want, is just to see a slight effort to show me that, its also something important for you too. I know you are busy, but... Even a tiny thought is enough.

I just want to know that you care. That's all. Just want you to care for my feelings.

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