Sunday, August 1, 2010


OMG! @ 1

My gum are bleeding more than usual recently, I think after I went to the dentist. ><><

OMG! @ 2

I had been to Genting for 3 times this month. ><><>< I am melting! Perhaps, I shall move to Genting one day. =p But seriously, if Sunway Pyramid is my home, Genting is my 3rd home d.

OMG! @ 3

Gonna start working tomorrow! Kinda like internship, for one month~ ^^ So... No salary, only allowance! And the allowance, I wonder if it is enough for my dad's petrol plus food. Anyway, hope everything will go on smoothly and I can learn something. But, no matter what, it is still better than rotting at home. 7.25 am to 5.10 pm... Why so early??????? Need to sleep a lot earlier d~ Good thing, set back my biological clock which is already a bit upside down. ^^ Gambate~!!!!!!

OMG! @ 4

I am so clueless about where to travel during September. Wanted to go Sepang Gold Coast so so so so much but its so frigging expensive! RM 599 nett per night per person. Even though everything is included, its still scary to spend RM 1800 in a day! Meaning nearly 4k in 2 days, its already enough for me and my mum to fly and stay in Taiwan for another week! So... What's the plan? I dunno. Help!!! Erm, maybe, Penang?

OMG! @ 5

I got myself a new gadget!!! ^^ Thank you daddy~! The red gadget along with all the free gifts, LOVE IT! Though I do not have much chances to use it. LOL!

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