Monday, August 16, 2010

Congrats~ ^^


The words were like a cup of coffee or Livita or Red Bull... Instantly woke me up and turn off my sleepy mode.

That was the first thing she told me in that morning when she saw me.
My reaction: Stunned --> Blank --> OMG --> HAPPY!

'Cos I was like joking around with her last week saying that she might be pregnant since she kept on thinking about food, having a greater urge for food she loves. It was like OMG, what I said came true and most importantly... This is the 1st time some1 told me herself that she is pregnant~! It may sound real weird or I might be the only hyper 1, but seriously, none of my cousins are married, I mean not in Malaysia and I do not have siblings! Feels so excited though I am not really close with her. Still, congrats!!! =p Ohya, SHE is my colleague. ^^

Talking about babies, makes me think about marriage, and hence thought about Wedding! OMG, I am super crazy over wedding gowns! Don't you think that wedding gowns are super duper nice? It's like the nicest dress on the world. Really feel like wearing one and have a photo-shooting session. There is no rule stating that one must be getting married when she wears a wedding gown right? Perhaps, I should get my cousin or friend to go take photos with me. ^^
N, I just wanna wear a wedding gown, not want to get married. =p

You know wat, Vera Wang is simply AWESOME~!

Random Fact: There is a bridal shop in SS2 call SOPHIA.

K, drag too far~ Haha! =p

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