Saturday, August 7, 2010

They come and go... And sometimes, they stay permanently...

Do you ever wonder why some people just stop talking to you or even ignore your existence? Sometimes, they feel that you are just talking to the air around them, that's why it "look" like you are facing them.

I dare say, I am lucky enough to have all these happening on me more this year. Isn't it interesting? Being able to have all these experiences, going through all those sad and disappointing moments in life.

It especially hurt most when others asked you about it. No no, that's not the worst part. The worst part is: YOU DO NOT KNOW THE REASON YOU ARE BEING IGNORED.

Only at this moment, you will know that you do not understand them at all. You will even start doubting yourself, IS IT A CRIME TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE? or IS IT A CRIME TO HELP AND CARE FOR THEM? IS IT A CRIME TO DO MY BEST IN MY JOB? I guess it really is.

Luckily at this moment, I remember some one telling me: " As long as you know that you did the right thing, as long as you can answer yourself, you are not wrong." Yes... I am not wrong, I just, do not have the luck. Let's blame it to my destiny and the only thing I can do is, SMILE AND CONTINUE MY LIFE, not letting anyone interrupt it. Accept the fact that people come and go in your life, those who meant to and destined to stay, will be with you forever, no matter how far you are apart, they will still be in your life. Some people who are close to you or around you for a very long time might not even be those that will be in your life forever.

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  1. I am so agree with your post. Some people just stop talking to you suddenly..Just don't understand why..Ah well. we can't control them can we? So just let it be lah...May be we will feel better if we think this way? It's their lost for not talking to us..haha..Have a nice day:)