Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sometimes, I really wonder... Is it worth it for you to do so much for something or someone? It is okay if they do not appreciate, but why must they take it for granted and even bite you back, hurting you as a payback.

Some people demand a lot from others while they cannot offer others anything. Sometimes things they do are just like a piece of worthless shyt and you will need to fix the situation for them. It hurts more when they look like the god from heaven and you look like the devil from hell in others eyes.

I hate such people.
People always pursuit for something better in life and hence tends to change the things or people around you to meet the standard you set.

Actually, we do know that doing this make ourselves suffer, making our lives miserable but we just can't control. Things come so naturally that we seldom realize what we are doing until someone tell us.

But then, are we actually wrong? It may be suffering right now, but it will turn out great in the future. Just that people do not want to look at the future, for it is still a long way ahead. Some just cannot accept changes, because they are perfectly okay with their life now and they do not want to suffer.

Perhaps, living your own life, doing anything you like to your own life is enough. But... Caring for others, doing anything you can for others is something really happy, even if you suffer a lot in the process.

I feel contented in my own way knowing that I actually did something for someone, even if it does not turn out as what I expected. At least... I DID SOMETHING and I can answer to myself.

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