Saturday, August 28, 2010


Things in this world is just complicated especially feelings. There are times when you do not know what feelings or emotions you should be having.

When you are feeling so overjoyed, you try to ignore the sadness, frustration, depression, insecurities and worries because they seems to be negligible, also because you tends to choose the positive thinking.

When problems strikes, no matter how minor it seems, it will bring out the negative feelings deeply buried inside you. All the negative thoughts, all those worst case scenario and ignored problems will just flood out before you realize. If at this moment, something happy happened, what should you feel?

Its like on a roller coaster when you went up so high, then suddenly rushing down the slope and go up again. There are many people in this world who cannot take this ride because their heart cannot stand it. And yes, many people cannot deal with sudden mood swing and all the mixed feelings.

There are also sometimes when you know you are feeling this way but you are forcing yourself not to because you are told that you should not. Sometimes also because your feelings are not only affecting yourself only, but also some other people or the relationship between each other. Its like, no matter being selfish or not, you will get yourself hurt in the end. So, what should we feel?

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