Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Secrets? Random thoughts again. =p

Keeping secrets in the heart hurts ourselves. Sometimes, spilling it out will hurt even more people.

So, some people choose to keep it to themselves and hoping no one will ever know or start a topic related to it.
Some people choose to say it out because they feels that other people deserve to know even if they got hurt.

There is never a perfect solution. There is no right and wrong. No matter how, people will get hurt in the process, be it yourself or other people.

Sometimes, spilling it out, make a secret a problem, but in the end, what you get is a solution. Sometimes, keeping it to yourself enable the secret to be kept forever and no problem will be created, life goes on.

I used to love keeping everything to myself, because, I do not like to create problems for others nor adding burden onto people that I love. I would rather be struggling with all my thoughts, questions and secrets stuck in my mind than sharing with others. Sometimes, people might even not appreciate it when you try to share and you will be really screwed when they complicate the situation rather than solving it. But when you keep all your thoughts to yourselves, you are not showing the people who are important to you the true you. Pretty contradicting...

The most important thing is, when you meet someone who is
worth you showing the real you,
communicating with them in a way you are most comfortable with,
not worry about how your image will be ruined because of the way you behave,
and also,
telling them anything you have in your mind,
knowing that they will understand and even give you the appropriate advice,
you will not be contradicting yourselves anymore. ^^

Btw, just another random post which I do not know what is the main topic I am talking about. =p Well, life is full of randomness, isn't it? <3

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