Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 2nd Surprise- Hero

Someone told me...
Mr.Great will make sure you are happy everyday because seeing you happy is my happiness. I will also make sure you do not use the word 'force to' anymore...
I do not know since when, there will always be a smile on my face when I am reading messages, there is a name that I will mention to my parents every time I talked to them, there is a person that I will always think about, there is a person whom I always talk to when I am down.

And now, though it seems to be unbelievable... For I said I do not want to get into a relationship this early... I am, with him now~ With the person who was so silly, calling me out for supper in the middle of the night, making me losing my sleep and ended up in Broga Hill; driving up from USJ to Semenyih and bring me to McD for Ice-cream; making me into his alarm clock and made me feel guilty for waking him up; satisfying my every crave for food and willingly becoming my Ogawa~

Shaun~ My silly boyfriend!

Hope this silly will continue to bring smile on my face and make my every day a happy day~! Love you~!

*p/s: Silly, I love your cute cute smile too! So, this tomato will try all her best to make sure you are happy too!

1 comment:

  1. love like liGhitninG strike ~! ^.^
    you don't know where it strike :)
    and it won't strike the same place twice ^.^