Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life after Exam (1)

Finally done with my Year 1 final exam~! A super duper happy week~ More activities to come! I will not talk much here, so this post will be full of photos. ^^

22nd May 2010: Surky's Birthday

Happy Birthday~
Yam Cake, nice~

Red Wine

My new husband? Wife? Nah, aunt la~ So sweet~ =P

OMG! I am such a drinker?! N my cousin is under 18!!! SO... The bottles are empty~ =P

25th May 2010: Truffles @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus
Thx for the invitation from Kevin! A really nice fine dining experience~ Felt like Hell's Kitchen though. Haha. The campus is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! Why can't Nottingham be something like this!!! ><

Erm... The bread?

The waiter of the day~! Also thx to him, we have the invitation~ I think this dinner is kinda like their assignment.

My Mocktail~ ( Pineapple + Orange + Raspberry + Ginger Beer)

Roasted Chicken~
He is preparing dessert! So cool! This is to prepare the caramel i guess?

25th May 2010: Redbox

Shopping and sing k with Melissa, Jacinda and Shaun~ 2 surprises on that day! =P

The 3 sing-til-very-high-girls~

And, *tada* Surprise No.1: Happy Early Birthday Shaun Lim Han Shun!

He is making a super long wish la~!!!

Wish 1: I wanna do well in all the papers.
Wish 2: I wanna be super handsome. *ss*
Wish 3: SECRET~! Shhhh...

I chose the blueberry cheesecake! I am a genius la, the cake is so nice!

Me n Bday boy~

So, what is the 2nd surprise? =P Secret! Perhaps will be up in next post? Lalalala~ ^^

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  1. Happy birthday ~!!
    to two person ~! ^.^ :)