Monday, July 5, 2010

Taiwan and Gathering~

Weeee~ Back from Taiwan and this is the place that I love the most! Super nice o~! Dan Shui Lovers Bridge (Direct translation). Haha.

Took a lot of photos, around 1300 I think? LOL! So I am toooooo lazy to upload all. =p Just post this pic up cos its really a very nice place, will definitely go again just to take photos cos there is no shops there, except restaurants. Also recommended to go there during evening, nicer and all the shops will be opened. LOL! And look, that's my parents~! Muax!

Anyway, ate a lot and here are some food that are really recommended. Haha! I am like a pro in food d. LOL! Joking la, what I ate is not even 10% of the nice food in Taipei. ^^

My NO.1 favourite! Chong Zhua bing, kinda like roti canai but very much nicer than roti canai! Why cant we have it in Msia?????!!!!

Kinda famous I think but the food ok la, just the 2 below are recommended, their famous noodles are not really that nice though~

Prawn Roll~

Black Pepper roasted pork. Super duper nice! Ordered 2 plates~

WEEEEE~ Mr.J's restaurant~ Food not bad but most importantly is, Jay Chou's shop!

Mango ice~ The mango were sweet n the syrup is really made from mango le. Super fresh oso. Nice nice nice!

Oyster Mee Sua~! And its not ordinary mee sua o, its Ah Chung Mee Sua, I guess the most famous mee sua in Taiwan? LOL!

Busy after coming back from Taiwan. Met A-Levels gang on the second day~! Had lunch in White and everyone ordered the same old food... Chicken Rice! What makes it nicer? The memories! ^^

Watched Ip Man with Keen, Cheong n Ian~! Then became a light bulb which was sooooo bright. Luckily that love birds aka Jonathan and Yee went movie after I kacau them for half an hour. Yee got me a bday present too! *Big hugs n flying kisses*

Then, rest for a day and went for my Primary school gathering. As usual, more like an outing or lunch session but it's great to see a different gang every gathering. The constant attendees: Me n Yeh Vin! Many ffk last minute though. Anyway, great to see them!

From left: Xiao Qi, Ive, Me, Takki, Yeh Vin, Ruby and Izzati~

I know right, you might be scratching your head asking... Since when Shaun came from my primary school. =p
Actually baby was just fetching me here and there, accompanying me for this and that~ ^^

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