Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Memorable Birthday~!

Tadaa~ I am finally 19-year-old, cannot laugh at people saying I am still 18. 1 more year before I turn 20. >< Well, this year, my birthday is really a happy one. I had not been having such happy birthday since the last birthday four years back then when I threw a birthday party at my house.

Perhaps, birthday is not really that important but it is still special, a day when you are born to this world, a day when you start your journey of life. No matter how you live your life, you will not have a chance to if there is no such a day known as YOUR BIRTHDAY. Hmmm, why making it sounds so serious and complicated... >< Anyway, for me, I just have a little wish which is to spend this day with my love ones, and this year, I did it. ^^ My parents, my sisters and my boyfriend.

9th of July:

Had been looking forward to this day and I was not disappointed by even a tiny bit. Baby had planned it well and there is just 3 words to describe it -- SWEET LIKE MAD

Baby and I chosen karaoke to spend our time before dinner. We went to Redbox Gardens for the buffet lunch and seriously had a great time there. Its like almost a month since I went to sing k so yea, we enjoyed ourselves~ ^^ Singing all the songs with baby was just sweet~ =D

Us at Redbox~

And after Singing k, this baby started giving me surprise. The blur blur baby made me believed in his lies and suddenly appear outside the car with 2 big creatures. And OMG, its my CUPIDO and CUPIPI! I seriously never expect him to buy me those because... Refer to one of my post. Seriously, damn touched k? I know I sounded like a little girl loving all these soft toys but they are seriously super cute and I waited for like a year d! What more when they are given to you by your beloved? Cos they represent love~! Thank you baby!!!!!! Will take photo of them after they took their bath~ ^^

Then, we had dinner at Bintang Revolving Restaurant @ Federal Hotel~ Baby gave me 3 choices but in the end I chose a place which is not in the 3 choices. Feel so evil. =p Overall, the food was ok, not to say very nice but still worth it 'cos of the atmosphere and not-bad-view. ^^ Most importantly is, went there with baby~ ^^

Then, we were supposed to go Ampang Look-Out-Point. But, my parents were nagging for going out til very late (it was only 9 plus...) and the traffic was jam like mad. Seriously, stuck in a dunno-what-is-going-on jam for like 15 mins, basically, there were jam in any road we used. So... Gave up since I promised mum to be back by 11. >< Not disappointed though because that was just an extra bonus of the night and I had already seen the night view of KL in the restaurant. ^^

Then, my baby was so busy with messages when he was driving me home. Luckily his driving skills is good enough... LOL! That pig dunno why suddenly looks so emo, so I thought he was just too tired. 4 hours of karaoke session by 2 person only was not easy le. Haha.

Anyway, reached home and had baby to stay at my house til at least 12 am to countdown my birthday. ^^ Audrey was there too cos since last year she will be staying over at my place to countdown with me too. =p When I went upstairs to find my mum, she passed me a present from my aunt. Its a romper~ (I always thought I can never fit into one because of my super weird proportion, like what baby said: 30:70... >< But this 1 was just nice le~ Really thank you! Haha.)

Audrey made me try that romper and that 2 devil (audrey and baby) were busy chatting. I thought they were insulting each other again. LOL! But, after I am done fitting into that romper and wanted to show them, I WAS SHOCKED~ Guess what, they are carrying a cake outside my room and singing Birthday song! Even my mum was part of it. ><"

Seriously, it was really very sweet! To have you love ones planning a surprise for you and feel more sweet after knowing the process of planning. I Love You Mummy, Audrey and Shaun! And baby, you are really crazeeeee in a super good and sweet way!!!!!!! I am really happy to be blur~! It really works because I seriously did not suspect a single thing. ><

Me and baby!!!!! And the cake~ ^^

Me and Audrey!!!!!! Love you my Sis~! Really do not know how u can keep this from me for like a week~!

Ohya, And when I took out my Cupido and Cupipi from their bags, I found something seriously TOUCHING! Something that is a lot better than a birthday card even if its just 2 pieces of paper. It still feel sweet no matter how many time I read it. ^^

10th July: Birthday~

Forced Audrey to say out their plans and sleep at 2 something, near 3 am. @.@ But it was the sweetest night ever I can say. ^^

Went to Sunway Pyramid to watch Twilight: Eclipse with Audrey~ The movie was ok, more to romance and less action, not like what we saw in the trailer. Even the battle was a bit too erm... Fast? Edward is pity in this ep, that's what I felt la. But nvm~ Jacob is handsome~! =p

Then, went to Genting for buffet dinner~! And baby followed us there!!! =p First genting trip with family plus baby! Though not a really great trip, not a really great dinner but then its special. Really very special and again, sweet (I am sorry if I use the word sweet too many times, but then its the truth). ^^ And that is really one of my best birthday present. =p


Me and Family~!

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