Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Love With...

I had been traveling to Genting Highlands frequently recently and there is one place that I must go. I can stop myself from going to First World to shop (though not much shop there ^^"), but I must have my buffet dinner in Coffee Terrace. The food there cannot be rated as very delicious and do not consist of a large variety. But, I just love it. The chefs there are nice and when I went walking around taking pictures, they will even pose for me. ^^


Dim Sum




Vege (Simple but nice~)

Variety of salad (Love the potato salad~ ^^)

Char Koay Teow (Normal price@Ala-Cart=RM 14 and they give u the whole wok during buffet)

Satay, roti canai, choc fondue, fruits, ice cream etc available there. K, great, I am hungry d. Haha. Here some of the desserts.

Strawberry Pudding


My favourite spot after dinner. The night view is quite nice~

Also, went to genting with Nott frens after our exam. Had a great time there~ Love you guys! Really want to travel with them again asap. LOL.

My cousin finally got married!!! Congrats to Yvonne and hope she will do great in Australia.

Part of my dad's side family (Maybe half of them?)

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